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Parczew. The police conducted drone patrols. She punished ten drivers

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Ignoring double continuous and overtaking at intersections. Usually, drivers who were recorded by a police drone in the vicinity of Parczew (Lublin Voivodeship) were punished for such offenses.

One of the recordings shows how the driver of a passenger car, not paying attention to the double continuous, overtakes two cars.

The police noticed nine more such irresponsible behaviors. All of them took place on the provincial road W-815 connecting Parczew with Lubartów and on the provincial road W-819 from Parczew to Sosnowica. On Thursday (October 7), a police drone flew there.

The first police action of this type on the roads of the Parczewski poviat

The driver exceeded the double continuousKPP Parczew

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– Information about irresponsible drivers and their actions was provided on an ongoing basis to traffic officers who stopped the indicated vehicles a few hundred meters away – says senior sergeant Ewelina Semeniuk from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Parczewo.


He adds that it was the first police action of this type on the roads of the Parczewski poviat.

Punished with fines and penalty points

Drivers were overtaking in prohibited placesKPP Parczew

– During nearly 120 minutes of the drone’s sky work, the uniforms revealed ten traffic violations. Most of them consisted in overtaking in forbidden places, overtaking vehicles on a continuous double line or at intersections – emphasizes the policewoman.

All drivers who were captured by the camera were detained for inspection. For the offenses committed, they were punished with fines and penalty points.

A police drone flew over the roads of the Parczewski poviat

Main photo source: KPP Parczew

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