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Parents of children with psychological problems should also participate in therapy. The results speak for themselves

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Some have eating disorders, others attempt suicide – teenagers urgently need psychotherapy. Doctors advise them to go through it with their parents. This gives incomparably better results than individual therapy – this is clearly visible in the data from Ireland.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here you will find a list of organizations offering professional help. In a situation of immediate threat to life, call 997 or 112.

Anna Ślusarczyk, among others, underwent therapy with her daughter. Hania was 13 years old and suddenly she started mutilating herself. Doctors diagnosed severe depression. Then there was the hospital and a suicide attempt. Specialists suggested that the mother take part in psychotherapy with her daughter. This changed everything. Hania began to recover.

– This turned out to be the most important thing for my daughter. She said, “Mom, I don't believe it, I just would never have believed it in my life if someone had told me earlier that you would just sit down and listen to what I say and hear what I say.” And it was a huge discovery for me – recalls Anna Ślusarczyk, Hania's mother.

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Anna Ślusarczyk is a hero because thanks to her openness and commitment, she was able to effectively help her daughter. Her husband, the child's father, also got involved. However, such attitudes are not obvious in Poland.

Parents are often afraid to participate in psychotherapy

– However, we very often encounter situations where parents or one of the parents does not want to participate in family therapy. They prefer that the child works individually with a child and adolescent psychotherapist or a psychiatrist – says Prof. Ph.D. Piotr Gałecki, national consultant in the field of psychiatry from the Adult Psychiatry Clinic of the Medical University of Lodz.

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Mental health of Poles. More and more problemsTVN24

Parents are sometimes ashamed to take part in psychotherapy or even afraid that it will reveal their problems. Often, it is only by working together that we can help a teenager suffering from a personality disorder or emotional dysregulation.

– Only recently has the system begun to support these family interactions, through better financing or by increasing their availability. For years, it seems that this area has been neglected – admits Bartłomiej Taurogiński, a child psychiatrist from the University Hospital in Krakow.

The Irish were convinced of the effectiveness of joint therapy

Irish research shows that where caregivers take part in therapy with a teenager, as part of the so-called dialectical behavioral therapy, the number of visits to hospital emergency departments has decreased by 70 percent, and the number of days that teenagers have to spend in hospital decreased by as much as 90 percent.

– We are just starting and only the first single departments in Poland are trying to implement dialectical behavioral therapy. Individual departments are trying to implement the “family connection” program – says Magdalena Myśli, a psychotherapist from the Polish Society of Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy. One of them – for adults – is located in the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

We just don't live on an island. We live among people and these people must help us get out of our crises. – We have methods for this. The skills provided by this therapy are methods that we personally recommend and believe in, comments Katarzyna Fąk, a clinical psychologist from the Bielański Mental Health Center.

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