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Paris. Arc de Triomphe ‘destroyed by a giant rainbow’? We explain

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A video with millions of views online shows a huge rainbow-colored installation around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The recording raised many questions, but also homophobic comments. In fact, such an installation did not exist. The author of the film explains that it is an expression of his support for the LGBT+ community.

The short film shows the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with a giant rainbow attached around it. At one of its ends is a huge cloud with the words “Equality Parade” in French. There is normal traffic around the building – cars are driving, you can see a lot of visitors and pedestrians. “The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, an iconic monument opened in 1836 to commemorate war heroes and soldiers who died during wars, was destroyed with a giant rainbow to proudly honor the mentally ill,” reads a malicious comment on the Twitter profile where the video was shared. Only there it has over 44,000. views.

The recording sent on social media is accompanied by a negative message that the monument erected to honor those who fought and died for France “has been destroyed” by a rainbow, a symbol of pride. Recall: June is Pride Month for the LGBT+ community. The video was posted on Twitter by, among others Oli London (3.9 million views), a spokesperson for Fairness First PAC, founded by Caitlyn Jenner, an organization that opposes the participation of trans women in men’s sports; it also appeared on the account of the extreme nationalist British party Britain First (there it has almost 500,000 views).

There are a lot of homophobic comments under the entries with the video, including the one posted on Polish profile with the post quoted above: “I don’t believe it. Who approved it. I have no doubt that there are supporters”; “Deviant promo”; “muck”; “‘Pride Month’… out of the ass!”; “To what extent is pedaling promoted”; “The mentally ill want to bring us healthy to the catacombs” – these are just some quotes (original spelling of posts).

However, some social media users believe that it is fake. Some write that the film was made with the help of AI, i.e. artificial intelligence (AI – artificial intelligence).

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The work of an American filmmaker

The video has already been covered by many media, including editorial office Associated Press Fact Check. She noted that the video first appeared on June 1 on the social media of the filmmaker, 41-year-old Paris-based American Ian Padgham. On his Twitter, the rainbow video has 3 million views and almost 18,000 likes. likes. “Happy Pride Month everyone,” Padgham wrote in English.

Author: “a very positive expression of my support”

It was Padgham who created the recording. “No artificial intelligence was used. This is my 3D animation with lots of hand-edited details,” he tweeted to one of the netizens. He told AP Fact Check that he himself recorded the Arc de Triomphe while driving a taxi around Paris. He already added the rainbow on a computer using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D graphics software. He also explained the reason for creating the video: “It was supposed to be a very positive expression of my support for the LGBT+ community as an ally and someone who loves this community.”

He stated that his videos are “poetic, surreal works of art” showing the world the way he would like to see it. Browsing his social media, we can find animations showing, for example, red ones coming out of the Louvre heart shaped balloonsmoving around Paris elegant handbags a well-known company or giant fish heads protruding from the facade of one of the Parisian museums. The American on his company’s website lists many brands that are or were his clients. These are global brands such as Disney, Google, Ikea and Honda.

In an interview with AP Fack Check, Padgham noted that although he announces on his social media, where he publishes materials, that he is a filmmaker – as soon as a video becomes massively distributed, it is no longer known that he created it. “If something goes viral, you lose control of what you wanted to say,” says Pedgham. In his opinion, this is a wake-up call that we are entering a very dangerous time unprepared, in which we will see how much harm disinformation can do. Most people immediately believe what they see.

Main photo source: Oliverouge 3 / Shutterstock.com / Twitter

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