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Paris. Evacuation of the Eiffel Tower due to the bomb alert

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Visitors to the Eiffel Tower, Paris’s most famous tourist attraction, were evacuated from all floors of the building on Saturday due to a bomb alert. The warning turned out to be false. Traffic was restored after about two hours.

There were sappers who checked the building for possible danger. The tower remained closed to visitors for about two hours, Reuters reported. “It was a false alarm,” a police officer told the agency.

The Eiffel Tower is visited annually by almost seven million tourists, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the French capital. Visitors must pass a security check before entering, and its interior is constantly monitored.

Eiffel Tower Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

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Previous evacuation of the Eiffel Tower

The last evacuation of the tower took place in 2019, when a man was spotted climbing the outer wall of the building.

Main photo source: Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

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