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Paris is the first European capital without electric scooters

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From September 1, it is no longer possible to rent an electric scooter in Paris. The day before, operators took the last of 15,000 from the streets. vehicles. Paris has thus become the only European capital without electric scooters.

Operators were forced to withdraw scooters as a result of the vote held in spring. Although few residents of the capital participated in it Francethe vast majority of those who voted were against the service that allows you to download a scooter and leave it anywhere in the city – reminds AFP.

Three years ago, a series of complaints about abandoned vehicles and the confusion they caused on roads and sidewalks led the Paris authorities to introduce extremely strict regulations. The number of operators and scooters was limited, speed limits were imposed, and automated monitoring was introduced. However, this did not prevent further protests.

Electric scooters in ParisShutterstock

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Will they switch to bikes?

– You can live in a big city without a self-service electric scooter – assured the deputy mayor of Paris, David Belliard, on Thursday. The city authorities hope that travelers will use other means of transport, and the current operators hope that they will choose bicycles; All Parisian companies that have offered scooters so far have them.

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– We are open to expanding the cycling offer, especially in the context of the upcoming Olympic Games – said Belliard.

The scooters withdrawn by Parisian operators will be distributed around the world: some will go to… German and Poland, some will be sent to smaller French cities, and some will go to… Near East.

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