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Paris. The city will set up a commission for “living together with rats”

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In response to criticism of the current rodent control measures in Paris, the city authorities announced a plan to establish a commission for “living together with rats”.

At a Paris City Council meeting on Thursday, Geoffroy Boulard, the mayor of the 17th arrondissement, asked the capital’s authorities for a “more ambitious plan to combat the spread of rats”, raising the issue of “rodent damage to the quality of life of Parisians and the 44 million people who visit the city each year.” In response, the representative of the town hall informed about the planned appointment of a commission for “living together with rats”.

– We recently decided with mayor Anne Hidalgo to establish a commission for (…) living together with rats, (…) to make it more bearable for Parisians, Anne Souyris reported, quoted by El Pais. – This does not mean that we should let the rats roam the city. She also reminded that since 2017 there is already a rodent control plan in place in the city. replacement of garbage cans, protection of sewer manholes, fines for feeding rodents, setting traps and deratization of buildings.

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Paris to set up commission to ‘live with rats’

The purpose of the commission, which is the result of cooperation between the city hall and the Pasteur Institute, the Sorbonne and the Natural History Museum, is to “combat prejudice and help Parisians to better coexist with rats.” During Thursday’s meeting, city officials emphasized that rats “are not a public health problem.” This was explained by the fact that the cases of infection with potentially dangerous leptospirosis recorded in the past concerned only city cleaning workers who can prevent the disease by being vaccinated.

It is worth noting, however, that apart from leptospirosis, which can lead to meningitis, impaired liver function and even death, rats carry a number of other diseases. These include rickettsiosis, tularemia and rat fever, which in 10 percent of infected people ends up with serious complications. These rodents can also mediate the transmission of parasites to humans.

According to ecologist Douchka Marković, who was present at the debate, however, rats are a “useful” element of the ecosystem, and the fear of them is “abnormal and unjustified”. The proposal of the mayor’s office was also favorably assessed by the Paris Animaux Zoopolis association, which called for the use of “non-lethal methods” to fight rodents.

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