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Parkinson’s disease. Younger and younger people are getting sick – expert on the causes

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Every year in Poland, at least eight thousand people learn that they suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Up to one hundred thousand adults may struggle with this serious condition. This most often affects elderly people. However, it happens that younger and younger people suffer from it. – My youngest patient was 25 years old – said Jarosław Sławek, a neurologist, in the program “Wzostasz i weekend”.

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– Parkinson’s disease is associated with a late age of onset, around 60 years of age – said neurologist Jarosław Sławek on TVN24. He noted, however, that his youngest patient was 25 years old when he presented with symptoms of this disease, which proves that younger and younger people are suffering from the disease.

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16 million cases

The interlocutor of “You get up and have a weekend” also provided statistics. By 2040, the number of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease is expected to reach 16 million worldwide. Today, that number currently hovers around six to eight million.

According to the neurologist, the increase in the number of cases will be related, among other things, to environmental reasons and environmental contamination. – We often think that environmental pollution (…) causes lung and circulatory system diseases, but it also turns out to cause degenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease – explained Sławek.

There is also a danger of using pesticides in agriculture, which have a harmful effect on human nerve cells, which is the reason for the increase in the number of patients and the appearance of Parkinson’s disease at an increasingly younger age – added the interlocutor of “Get up and have a weekend”.

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