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Parliamentary elections 2023. Barack Obama wrote to PO politicians in Lower Silesia? We explain

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“If you want to win, you have to fight. Yes you can” – former US President Barack Obama was to write in a letter to the politicians of the Civic Platform from Lower Silesia. However, Internet users had doubts as to whether the letter was genuine.

Over 215,000 views and 4.6 thousand. Likes on Twitter has a photo of a letter that former US President Barack Obama was supposed to address to politicians of the Civic Platform from Lower Silesia. The list shows the name of the city of San Francisco and the date June 26, 2023. “For friends from the Civic Platform in Lower Silesia. If you want to win, you have to fight. Yes you can. Barack Obama” – the former president was to write. “Yes we can! We will win this election” – commented the Internet user who published the photo on August 6.

Photo of a letter that the former president of the United States was supposed to sendTwitter

Internet users commenting on the tweet seemed to believe that the letter was genuine. “We have a great mission! We can’t take our friends from America!”; “We will win,” they wrote. Others expressed disapproval of Obama, Civic Platform or Donald Tusk, but also most likely believed that the letter was genuine.

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However, a significant group of Internet users argued that the magazine was fake. “Barack must have signed the letter with his foot,” one of them ironically remarked on the suspiciously uneven signature. In all likelihood, the handwriting is fake.

“I have no correspondence information”

The photo gained wide coverage only on Twitter. It has not gained popularity on other social media.

It was not without reason that Internet users drew attention to the strange appearance of Barack Obama’s signature written with an uncertain hand. The caption is similar to photos of the former president’s authentic writings available online. The autograph can be found, for example, on page website of the U.S. Administration of National Archives and Records or library named after him.

The author of the tweet argues that the letter is authentic and was photographed in the PO office of the Lower Silesia region. He claims to have met the former president in June this year on the occasion of a conference organized in San Francisco. “I received the prepared letter on June 26 from the office of the Democratic Party in San Francisco,” he maintains.

The letter in question is significantly different in appearance from the examples of letters available on the web from the office of the former president of the United States. IN April 2018 list addressed to The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund grantees, a gold seal is seen at the top of the letter, below is the name of the former president in blue and the date. Obama’s text and signature follow. The signature is much less legible than the one found on the “Letter to the Lower Silesian PO”. It looks very similar Obama’s letter from April 2019 to the family of rapper Nippsey Hussle, who died in a shootout in Los Angeles.. In turn, in open list the July 2023 U.S. Librarians is missing a seal.

Michał Jaros, the chairman of the Civic Platform in Lower Silesia, had not heard about the letter from Obama. “I have no information about the correspondence that the editor is asking about and its authenticity” – he replied to our question.

We contacted the Barack and Michelle Obama Office, as well as the Obama Foundation, to confirm the authenticity of the letter, but as of the publication of the text, we have not received a response.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: WILL OLIVER/EPA/PAP/Twitter

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