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Parliamentary elections 2023. Blessing of “new” fire trucks by PiS politicians. The vehicles have been in use for years

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Law and Justice is counting on electoral success, so there are exceptionally many success stories before the elections. President Andrzej Duda comes to the ceremonial opening of several kilometers of the road. Minister Przemysław Czarnek opens the gym. MP Anna Milczanowska boasted about the new ticket office. PiS is also willing to put into use fire trucks that have been used to fight fires for a long time. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

The election campaign is a time of good news, even very good news. A road is to be built that road designers have not planned yet – it is an expressway from Białystok through Raczki to Suwałki. – This information reached us yesterday, the Prime Minister personally informed me about it immediately after the meeting of the Council of Ministers – says Jarosław Zieliński from Law and Justice.

The premiere of the express route in Małopolska, almost 19 kilometers long, was so important that the president himself appeared on it. Andrzej Duda. – I am very happy that I can be here with you and probably be the last people who are just standing here, because in a moment there will be cars driving through here – emphasizes the president.

“New” fire trucks that have been in service for years are shining

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Minister in Trzebieszów Przemysław Czarnek on Monday, he took part in the ordination ceremony of a new fire truck, as we read in the minister’s post on social media. It’s just that the same car was already dedicated almost a year ago.

Minister Marlena Maląg went even further. She was at the dedication of the “new” Volunteer Fire Department vehicle, which has been involved in the operation for years. Firefighters boarded it for the first time in December 2019. When asked about the repeated blessing of vehicles, Marlena Maląg replies: “You really don’t have anything else to do but look for things that can be called sensational.”

PiS politicians put Volunteer Fire Department cars into service more than once. An MP was present at the handover of the fire truck to the firefighters in March Marek Suskiand in May an MP Radosław Fogiel.

PiS politicians during the ceremony of consecrating “new” fire trucks. The vehicles have been in use for yearsTVN24

The MP opens the ticket office, the minister opens the sports hall

PiS boasts that, unlike the opposition, it knows how to spend money well. Ticket office at the station PKP in Radomsko required a ceremonial opening. – We want this message to reach even further, to the inhabitants of our city – said Anna Milczanowska then.

A grand opening was also organized in Turku – in a high school that had a new sports hall. The Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek himself, arrived at the site. – I went to my first prom here, 28 years ago, and it was nice, I’ll spare you the details – he reveals.

We also have the opening of the Łódź bypass, without an exit to Łódź. There is over a kilometer left to connect the new route with the city. The opening was attended by government representatives, including the Minister of Culture. – Together with the inhabitants of this area, I am happy that we have a beautiful road – emphasizes Piotr Gliński. A connector with Łódź will also be built someday and the road will be able to be opened again.

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