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Parliamentary elections 2023. Candidates for the Sejm from Podlasie – district no. 24 [Lista]

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Paratroopers on PiS and Konfederacja planes. The deputy minister was moved from the leading position to sixth place. No changes on the Left’s number one position and no major surprises on the Civic Coalition’s list. The party leader running for the Sejm from his hometown and the wife replacing her husband as a candidate for the Senate. This is how you can sum up the Podlasie lists in the parliamentary elections.

Constituency which in elections to the Sejm covers the entire Podlaskie Voivodeship and is number 24. There are 14 seats up for grabs here. This is a region where winning a seat requires a relatively small number of votes. Four years ago, 270,000 people voted for PiS in Podlasie, which resulted in eight seats in the Sejm – more than half of the entire district. In Warsaw, 580,000 votes cast for KO gave only one more seat. This is one of the most difficult regions for KO, but it can make a lot of difference when entering the game Szymon Hołowniawho comes from Białystok.


The first candidate from the Civic Coalition list will be the head of the Podlaskie structures of the Civic Platform – the son of the president of Białystok Tadeusz Truskolaski – an MP Krzysztof Truskolaski, who got to the Sejm from second place four years ago. He won over 37,000 votes, which was the third result in the voivodeship after Dariusz Piontkowski and Jarosłowo Zieliński, who ran from PiS lists.

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Elections 2023. Candidates of Non-Party Local Government Representatives to the Sejm – district no. 24

In first place Piotr Koszarek, local government official with 10 years of experience. On number two Grzegorz Szneland in third position Paulina Czarnowska.

Elections 2023. Third Way Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 24

Locomotive of the Third Way (full name: KW Trzecia Droga PSL-PL2050 Szymon Hołownia) in the province. Podlaskie, on the other hand, is the leader of Poland 2050, born in Białystok Szymon Hołownia.

The first position of the Polish People’s Party from 2019, i.e. MP Stefan Krajewski, chairman of the PSL in the region, who was the only one on this list who won a seat at that time. The list, just like four years ago, also includes the former voivodeship marshal for the People’s Party – Jerzy Leszczyńskiwho ran as a candidate in fourth place in 2019 and is currently last on the list.

Elections 2023. Candidates of the New Left to the Sejm – district no. 24

However, there are no surprises when it comes to the New Left’s list. The first one, just like four years ago, is an MP Paweł Krutul, who ran from the Democratic Left Alliance in 2019. He was the only one from this list who got into the Sejm.

However, what is noteworthy is the absence on the list of Katarzyna Rosińska, who organized the first equality march in Białystok in the summer of 2019.

Elections 2023. PiS candidates to the Sejm – district no. 24

A big surprise can be noticed on the PiS lists. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dariusz Piontkowski, who started in first place four years ago, is currently in sixth place. The first place was taken by a paratrooper – the Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin.

Jacek Sasin: we are a harmonious team that will ensure that the direction Poland adopted eight years ago will be continued TVN24

Lech Kołakowski, Aleksandra Szczudło (currently Aleksandra Łapiak) and Jacek Żalek will not run this year among people who got to the Sejm from PiS lists four years ago. The latter resigned in March from the position of deputy minister of funds and regional policy scandal related to the National Center for Research and Development.

Just like four years ago, the PiS list also includes Białystok city councilors from this club. In 2019, it was Alicja Biały and Tomasz Madras (who is currently the deputy voivode of Podlaskie), while now – Katarzyna Siemieniuk and Henryk Dębowski (chairman of the PiS club in the city council).

Elections 2023. Confederation Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 24

Similarly to PiS lists, the parachutist also opens the Confederation list. He’s an MP Krzysztof Bosak – one of the leaders of the Confederation and a presidential candidate in the last elections. Four years ago, number one on the Podlaskie Confederation’s list was also a paratrooper – Robert Winnicki, former president and co-founder of the National Movement, who was the only one who won a mandate then. However, he will not run in the upcoming elections (as he said, due to poor health).

The Confederation’s list included (with number five) Stanisław Derehajło – the head of the Podlasie structures of the Agreement, who until the Agreement co-founded the United Right, was the vice-marshal of the voivodeship. During the press conference at which Krzysztof Bosak presented the candidates, Derehajło stated that he still remains in the Agreement and is loyal to the region he comes from.

Another surprise on the Confederation’s list is, starting from last place, Dariusz Wasilewski – former city councilor, and years ago one of the co-founders of the Białystok All-Polish Youth, participant of hussar tournaments and advocate of erecting a monument to Roman Dmowski in the capital of Podlasie.

Elections 2023. KO candidates to the Sejm – district no. 23

In 2019, the number one KO in Podlasie was MP Robert Tyszkiewicz, then head of the region, who is now running as number three.

The current KO list also includes the representation of the Białystok city hall. Vice presidents running: Zbigniew Nikitorowicz (with the number nine) i Adam Musiuk (is “ten”). The former ran unsuccessfully four years ago for a senatorial seat on the KO list. The second one didn’t start. At the beginning of 2019, he became vice-president, after serving as a city councilor of the Podlasie Minority Forum cooperating with KO.

Number seven on the KO list is taken by a political veteran – referring to the Orthodox communities and the Belarusian minority. Eugeniusz Czykwinwho four years ago was the third (together with Robert Tyszkiewicz and Krzysztof Truskolaski) KO candidate who got into the Sejm

He starts in second place on the list Alicja Łepkowska-Gołości, vice-chairman of PO structures in Łomża. In last place was a journalist and radio sports commentator Jerzy Kułakowski.

The following committees are also taking part in the elections in the Podlaskie Voivodeship: Non-Party Local Government Workers, Normal Country, Polska Jest Jedno, Polska Liberalna Strajk Przedsiębiorców, RDIP.

The list of all MP candidates is available on the website of the National Electoral Commission.

Main photo source: tvn24

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