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Parliamentary elections 2023. Candidates for the Sejm from Sosnowiec – district no. 32 [Lista]

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In district no. 32, four years ago, the fight for votes was even. In Sosnowiec alone, in 2019, PiS was supported by 33.53 percent of voters, and KO by 30.88 percent. In 2015, there was a tie – 27 percent each. It may be difficult for one of the parties to tip the scales because there are no surprises on the candidate lists – the first places in the main committees are occupied by the same people as four years ago. The PiS list is opened by long-time MP Ewa Malik, and the first KO candidate is MP Wojciech Saługa, the regional head of the party. The list of the New Left, just like four years ago, was headed by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Włodzimierz Czarzasty.

Electoral district number 32 covers part of the Silesian Voivodeship with the Będzin and Zawiercie counties and three cities with county rights: Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno and Sosnowiec. There are nine parliamentary seats up for grabs here.

Four years ago, in the Sejm elections, it won four seats in this district Law and Justicethree by the Civic Coalition, and two by the Democratic Left Alliance.


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Elections 2023. Candidates of Non-Party Local Government Representatives to the Sejm – district 32

He opens the list of Non-Party Local Government Members Ewa Fendrych. She is the owner of a service facility and a councilor in Będzin. It is in second place Mikołaj Bagiński, also the owner of a service facility. It comes from Wisła. He starts from third place Maciej Bieniecki, seller in the food industry from Będzin. He unsuccessfully ran in the local government elections as a councilor.

Elections 2023. Third Way Candidates to the Sejm – district 32

The leader of the Third Way list in district 32 is a political scientist Kamil Wnuk from Sosnowiec, member of the Poland 2050 party Szymon Hołownia. He is a councilor and vice-chairman of the Sosnowiec City Council. He deals with real estate management. He was a member of the Public Benefit Activities Council, created several non-governmental organizations and organized several dozen charity events.

He starts with number two Miłosz Motyka, activist and spokesman of the Polish People’s Party. He lives in Warsaw and is an environmental engineer by profession. He is also the head of the Young People’s Forum. In 2018, he unsuccessfully ran for election as a councilor on the Lesser Poland Voivodeship Assembly Council. In 2019, he ran as a candidate in the parliamentary elections – he failed to get to the Sejm.

He is running for third place Czesław Żelichowski, manager from Jaworzno. He is a former senator representing PiS. He was also a councilor in his hometown and a councilor of the Silesian Voivodeship Assembly.

Elections 2023. Candidates of the New Left to the Sejm – district 32

He opens the list of the New Left in Sosnowiec Włodzimierz Czarzasty. He is the deputy speaker of the Sejm and co-chairman of the New Left. He was, among others, member of the National Broadcasting Council, chairman of the board of the “Ordynacka” Association and chairman of the Democratic Left Alliance, which was transformed into the New Left in 2021. From then on, he co-chairs the group with Robert Biedroń. In 2019, he ran in the Sejm elections also from the first place in the Sosnowiec district and won the seat with the support of 31,244 votes.

An MP from the New Left is running with two candidates Rafał Adamczyk, from Będzin. He is a local government official and official. In 2014, he ran unsuccessfully for the Będzin County Council, he succeeded in 2018, and later became vice-president of Będzin. In 2019, he successfully ran in the parliamentary elections, also in second place, and received 12,148 votes of support.

Bożena Borowiec is in third place on the list of the New Left. He is the second deputy president of Dąbrowa Górnicza and deals with social, housing and health policy, as well as education. She is a sociologist by education.

Elections 2023. PiS candidates to the Sejm – district 32

The PiS list for the Sejm from constituency 32 is opened by an MP and political advisor to the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Ewa Malik, coming from Sosnowiec. From the early 1990s, she was a member of the Center Agreement, then she joined Law and Justice. She has been an MP since 2005 and was re-elected to the Sejm in the 2019 elections, receiving 46,773 votes.

PiS is the number two Waldemar Andzel, long-time head of PiS structures in the Będzin district. He has been an MP since 2005 and received 21,723 votes in the 2019 elections. In the Sejm, he is the chairman of the Special Services Committee, and he also became the deputy chairman of the National Defense Committee. He is also vice-chairman of the PiS parliamentary club. In 2021, appointed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to the Council of Political Advisors.

MP three Robert Warwas from Rogoźno, co-founder of the local Law and Justice structure. He is a local government official and trade union activist. He has been an MP since 2015. In the 2018 local elections, he unsuccessfully ran for the position of president of Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Elections 2023. Confederation candidates to the Sejm – district 32

Entrepreneur from Fugasówka Jerzy Janoska opens the list of Confederations. It is in second place Marcin Kolczyk, entrepreneur from Sławków, member of the New Hope party. The podium closes Artur Jakóbikoperator of water treatment and demineralization devices from Jaworzno, which is a member of the Konfederacja Korony Polskiej party.

Elections 2023. KO candidates to the Sejm – district 32

He opens the list for the Sejm from district 32 Wojciech Saługa, chairman of the Silesian Civic Platform and former marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship. Four years ago, he also ran in first place and 18,738 voters voted for him

The “two” on the list are the deputy speaker of the Sejm of the 8th term and a judge Barbara Dolniak. Four years ago, when running for the Sejm, she received 39,656 votes.

The third is the youngest KO MP and former chairman of the Sosnowiec City Council in 2018-2019 Mateusz Bochenek. Four years ago, he also ran from third place and won 15,421 votes.

Fourth on the list is a councilor of the local council, president of the Pokonaj Raka Foundation, as well as an activist and social activist for women and a healthy lifestyle. Katarzyna Stachowicz. He is also running for office Zdzisław Banaślocal government activist and mayor of Siewierz for 17 years.


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