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Parliamentary elections 2023. Candidates to the Sejm from Bytom, Gliwice, Zabrze – district no. 29 [Lista]

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Three experienced MPs will fight in Gliwice. PiS, KO and Nowa Lewica gave the first places to women. Third Road has a no. 1 with a well-known name in the waste industry. The Confederation’s list begins with a lawyer who hung photos of MEPs on gallows while working in the Ministry of Justice.

Electoral district number 29 in elections to the Sejm in 2023 covers part of the Silesian Voivodeship – Gliwice and Tarnowskie Góry counties and cities with county rights: Bytom, Gliwice and Zabrze. There are 9 seats up for grabs.

In the last parliamentary elections in 2019, PiS and KO took four seats each, and SLD took one seat.

Elections 2023. Candidates of Non-Party Local Government Representatives to the Sejm – district no. 29

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There is not a single person associated with the district on this list. The closest people are a driver from Częstochowa and two economists from Będzin and Tychy. But none of them is one. The IT specialist comes first David Korbutand the second one is an economic technician Sylwia Fabiszewska, both from Lubin in Lower Silesia, where this political force was founded. Lubinians are on the lists in almost every district.

Elections 2023. Third Way Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 29

He got first place Piotr Strach from the village of Konopiska near Częstochowa, with family ties to the district, his mother has roots in Bytom. He was a Częstochowa councilor on behalf of a local association, and unsuccessfully tried to get to the Sejm from the list of Non-Party Local Government Members. He has a well-known name in the voivodeship – the Strachów family company deals with garbage collection, lawn mowing, and cleaning of housing estates.

He starts from second place Marek Bieniek, resident of Gliwice, political scientist who earns money from real estate. He is also a councilor of the Silesian Voivodeship Assembly.

Elections 2023. Candidates of the New Left to the Sejm – district no. 29

Wanda Nowicka is connected with Lublin (where she was born) and with Warsaw (where she studied, worked and started her political and social activities). But already in 2019, she successfully ran for the Sejm from the Gliwice constituency. Then she was in the Wiosna association. Now New Left gave her the first place on the list.

She often changed parties and created her own, always on the left side of the political scene. She got into the Sejm for the first time from the Palikot Movement list and became a deputy marshal. In 2013, Palikot wanted to dismiss her from office, but most MPs did not agree. Even PiS supported the pro-abortion activist. She was a rival candidate Anna Grodzka.

Feminist activist. Co-founder of the Federation for Women and Family Planning. She cooperated with the Dutch Women on Waves Foundation and initiated a visit to Władysławowo by the Langenort ship, which served as an abortion clinic. Before she entered politics, she worked as a teacher of Latin, Greek and English in high schools in Warsaw. She is a classical philologist by education.

A debutante is running for second place Alicja Musiał, programmer, space industry engineer who sent two satellites into orbit. She became interested in politics during the Women’s Strike and joined the Razem party.

Elections 2023. PiS candidates to the Sejm – district no. 29

Number one is a lawyer Bożena Borys-Szopa. She comes from Silesia and worked in mines as an occupational health and safety specialist. She was the Chief Labor Inspector. In 2008, she was dismissed from this position by the then Speaker of the Sejm Bronislaw Komorowski, without giving a reason. As she claimed – because she was too pro-worker. She then became an advisor to the president Lech Kaczyński for social issues and contacts with social partners, as well as for labor law and health and safety.

In 2015, she stood up to her parent organization – Silesian-Dąbrowa Solidarity. She has been active there since 1991 and sat on the management board. When she got into the Silesian assembly, Solidarity terminated her contract due to job cuts. She was of retirement age and the union was looking for young people. She appealed to the labor court, finding that it was age discrimination.

In the same year, she was elected to the Sejm, where she remains re-elected to this day. In 2019, she became Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy. She was in the government for only half a year, but she managed to move to the parliamentary “freezer” the bill “stop abortion”, which prohibited the removal of a fetus with developmental defects. The project then went to the subcommittee and remained there. In a recent vote in favor of proceeding with the project to tighten the anti-abortion law, she voted against it.

Next on the list are also people associated with the region. In second place – the voivode of Silesia Jarosław Wieczorek. He has been ruling Silesia since 2015. Previously, he was a councilor of Gliwice for several years and unsuccessfully ran for the mayor of the city.

It’s three Wojciech Szarama, who has been a member of the Sejm since 2001. In fourth place is again an experienced local government official – Izabela Domogała. One of six people on the list who does not belong to PiS. After the last round in local elections, member of the board of the Silesian Voivodeship. Until Jakub Chełstowski’s revolt in November last year, when the marshal switched from PiS to PO. Apart from Domogała, Wojciech Kałuża, who had similarly betrayed PO for a position in the voivodeship board, was also thrown out of the regional council – he joined PiS immediately after the elections.

Financially, they were not harmed. Domogała and Kałuża were appointed to the management boards of large energy companies whose main shareholder is the State Treasury.

The next MPs are: Deputy Minister of State Assets Piotr Pyzik, former leader of the PiS list in Gliwice, Barbara Dziuk, Jaroslaw Gonciarz. In ninth place Tomasz Olszewski, former advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, now a member of Adam Bielan’s Republican Party and advisor to the minister for local governments. He starts from 10th place Józef Kubica from Sovereign Poland Zbigniew Ziobro, general director of the State Forests.

The list ends with a mathematics teacher at a special school Elżbieta Kogowska-Piasecka. When she ran from the same place in the previous elections, she protested on the street and on the Internet against the equality marches in Zabrze. In a comment on her Facebook profile, she wrote: “I consider LGBT evil, primitivism, abomination, scandal, corruption.”

Elections 2023. Confederation Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 29

Lawyer on floor one Jakub Kalusalumnus of the All-Polish Youth, secretary of the National Movement, co-initiator of the Independence March and the March of the Silesian Insurgents.

They became famous in 2017 thanks to the far-right demonstration in Katowice. Activists hung photos of PO MEPs on symbolic gallows. Under the scarf, the face of the blond man who was holding a gallows with a photo of Michał Boni was recognized by a journalist from “Gazeta Wyborcza”. She revealed that Kalus worked at the Ministry of Justice at that time. He was delegated there from the District Court in Gliwice, where he was a judge’s assistant. Previously, he provided legal advice to nationalists from the Pride and Modernity association. “Wyborcza” obtained e-mail messages between Kalus and the leader of the association, Mateusz S., convicted of organizing the famous “Hitler’s birthday”, which he showed in the “Superwizjer” report.

A sentence was passed for celebrating Hitler’s birthdayTVN24

It’s second on the list Bożena Modzelewska,. She has already run for the Silesian assembly, the European Parliament, and the president of Ruda Śląska. She didn’t get anywhere.

Next is the cardiologist Andrzej Sielańczykwho was a member of the Sejm of the first term.

Elections 2023. KO candidates to the Sejm – district no. 29

Krystyna Szumilas for the second time in a row it is number one. In the previous elections, she achieved one of the best results in Silesia – 42.2 thousand votes. He has been in the Sejm since 2001, always with PO. She has been involved in education all her life. She started teaching mathematics and rose to the position of Minister of Education in Donald Tusk’s second government.

He starts from second place Marek Gzik, who has been a councilor of the Silesian assembly since 2014. Last year, he became the chairman of the regional council after Marshal Jakub Chełstowski left PiS. He is a professor of technical sciences, specializing in biomedical engineering and biomechanics.

The MP is in third place Marta Golbikwho entered the Sejm for the first time in 2015 from the Nowoczesna list.


Main photo source: tvn24

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