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Parliamentary elections 2023. Candidates to the Sejm from Rybnik, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Żory – district no. 30 [Lista]

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A deputy minister from the PiS government is fighting a KO MP using a case from ten years ago. One of Zbigniew Ziobro’s closest associates, Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś, is also running in district no. 30. The fight for seats here will be particularly fierce. Confederation will fight for its own, the Left will fight to keep its seat in the Sejm, and PiS will fight to repeat its success from four years ago.

Electoral district number 30 in elections to the Sejm in 2023 covers part of the Silesian Voivodeship – Mikołów, Racibórz, Rybnik, Wodzisław poviats and cities with poviat rights Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Rybnik and Żory. There are 9 seats up for grabs.

In the last parliamentary elections in 2019, the ruling coalition won five seats, KO won three, and the Left won one seat.

Elections 2023. Candidates of Non-Party Local Government Representatives to the Sejm – district no. 30

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The party has candidates from the region, they occupy the first six places on the list, which is not obvious for this party because it has activists from Lower Silesia in many districts. It is one Maciej Urbańczyk, geologist. Before Ludmila Student, teacher. In third place Kazimierz Panek, electrical technician, all from Rybnik. The list also ends with a resident of Rybnik Jakub Trepka, a freshly graduated civil engineer from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, an enthusiast of electromobility, who shares his impressions of driving electric cars on social media.

Elections 2023. Third Way Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 30

One Łukasz Osmalak he gained political experience in local government, he was a district and city councilor in Mikołów. Then he worked in hypermarket chains and a bank, and is an IT specialist by profession. He is one of two members of the Poland 2050 group Szymon Hołownia On list. Coalition partner – PSLalso has only two members in this district – in ninth place Sylwia Machnik from the village of Turze, mother of seven children, professionally driving a bus for over 20 years.

Elections 2023. Candidates of the New Left to the Sejm – district no. 30

The list opens with a trade unionist Piotr Urbańczyk. He worked in the “Zofiówka” mine for over 20 years. Activist of the Miners’ Trade Union of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. He was also a councilor in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

On the second place Grażyna Graś, historian. On the third Justyna Gabzdyl, head of the parliamentary office Maciej Kopca, who is the first party of the New Left in Katowice. He got tenth place Aleksander Gortat, radio and television journalist. Grzegorz Kopiec, who won the only mandate for the Left four years ago, is fighting for the Senate in Rybnik this time.

Elections 2023. PiS candidates to the Sejm – district no. 30

Doctor first Bolesław Piecha, experienced as a hospital director, MP, senator, MEP, Minister of Health. The director of his political office is running from seventh place Karol Szymura, student.

And right behind Piecha, two members of the government. On number 2, the deputy minister of foreign affairs Paweł Jabłoński, responsible for economic and development cooperation as well as African and Middle Eastern policy. Four years ago, he ran from a lower position and did not get into the Sejm. In third place is the deputy minister of justice Michael Wośone of his close associates Zbigniew Ziobro. Vice-president of his Sovereign Poland party.

Already in 2015, when he was less than 25 years old, Woś became an advisor to the Minister of Justice, and the following year the head of the political cabinet. In the ministry, he supervised the computerization of the justice system.

After the elections in 2019, while building a new government, Wosio was entrusted with dividing one ministry into two ministries, climate and environment, and then appointed head of the latter. On October 6, 2020, the ministries were merged again, Woś left and the next day he became deputy minister of justice again.

A strong name is also in fourth place. Teresa Glenc she has been an MP for two terms. In September 2020, the president of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski suspended her as a party member for three months for violating club discipline. She voted against the amendment to the Animal Protection Act.

There is also a place for the artist on the list – tenth. Musician Henryk Czich is the co-founder of the band Universe. “Johnny, the world is calling you, I’m calling you, Johnny, was this the end of your days” – Czich is the author of this hit about Lennon.

Elections 2023. Confederation candidates to the Sejm – district no. 30

Starting from number one Roman Fritz On a daily basis, he deals with mail order sales and runs his own company in Rybnik. The vice-president of the Confederation of the Crown of Poland ran unsuccessfully for the Sejm in 2019.

He is running for second place as an MP Hanna Boczek, one of the youngest candidates. She is 25 years old, and this is her second run in the parliamentary elections. The first one, before the wedding, under her maiden name, was a fiasco. In the campaign, she uses her married name: – We want every working Pole in Poland to be able to afford a house, two cars, holidays and bacon instead of a worm – she said in July at a press conference in Rybnik, during the presentation of the party’s candidates. She is the president of the New Hope party in Rybnik. A computer graphic designer by education, she also works teaching social media. Opposed to abortion, she would not be prosecuted for smoking marijuana. In an interview for “Gazeta Wyborcza” in September this year, she said that if after the elections Confederation enters into a coalition with PiS or PO, she would “probably” leave politics.

Elections 2023. KO candidates to the Sejm – district no. 30

Members of Parliament take part in the first three places, in the following order: transport engineer Krzysztof Gadowski, lawyer Gabriela Lenartowicz and Germanist Marek Krząkała

MP Lenartowicz is being pursued by Deputy Minister Jabłoński – PiS number one. On September 22, he notified the prosecutor’s office in Racibórz about the suspicion of a crime. He brought up a case from over 10 years ago, when Lenartowicz was the president of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The fund then granted several million PLN public aid to Baterpol, on whose supervisory board Lenartowicz sat a few months later. – I don’t know what it was like. Various information is circulating, unverified. To check this, a proceeding should be held in this matter. That is why I am reporting to the prosecutor’s office in Racibórz whether a bribery crime has occurred – said Jabłoński at a conference before the Racibórz court. Half an hour later, in the same place, Lenartowicz announced that she would notify the prosecutor’s office about the defamation. As she explained, public aid for Baterpol was a loan, not a subsidy. It was awarded by the fund’s council, not the president. Also before she managed the Fund.

In 2022, the MP was chased by the police, trying to strip her of her immunity for running a red light. She wasn’t just caught on the street. Someone recorded it during an anti-government protest in Chałupki (during the pandemic, Poles working in the Czech Republic protested against closing border crossings) and reported it to the police.

A lawyer by profession. She worked in managerial positions. She was the editor-in-chief of “Nowiny Raciborskie”, head of the department in the city offices in Racibórz and Rybnik, deputy of the Silesian voivode. She resigned from the head of WFOŚIGW when she got into the Silesian regional council. She was on the voivodeship board for a year. She had to leave to make room for a representative of the Silesian Autonomy Movement, which entered into a coalition with PO. She was supposed to run for parliament, which she did successfully twice in a row.


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