Parliamentary elections 2023. Cezary Tomczyk comments


On October 15, 2023, PiS’s rule ended in Poland – said Cezary Tomczyk, vice-chairman of the Civic Platform, on Monday in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24. He stated that if the democratic opposition wins, “Donald Tusk is the natural candidate for prime minister.” He also appealed to the Law and Justice party not to make “any controversial decisions in the coming days and weeks” so that “the change of power can take place in a classy manner.”

The democratic opposition has a chance of winning 248 seats, they point out late poll results, prepared by Ipsos. The study shows that Law and Justice can count on 198 seats, and the Civic Coalition on 161. Third Road (57 seats), Left (30 seats) and Confederation (14 seats) also enter the Sejm.

According to preliminary data, turnout in the elections to the Sejm and Senate was a record 72.9%.


– What happened yesterday, the great enthusiasm that broke out. This is a key issue, said Cezary Tomczyk, deputy chairman of the Civic Platform, in “Piasecki’s Rozmowa”. He thanked all Poles who voted for the opposition. – Some people stood in lines until three in the morning, as was the case in Wrocław, for example, to cast their votes – he noted.

“On October 15, 2023, PiS rule ended in Poland”

Tomczyk said that everything points to a victory for the democratic opposition. – Today, we can probably say straight that on October 15, 2023, PiS’s rule in Poland ended. And this is the most important message and probably the happiest news that reaches people all over Poland – said the PO politician.

– Yesterday there was incredible enthusiasm, both on election night and when I was returning home after the evening, people were driving around with flags, honking and waving. This is a great surge of joy for all of us, he said.

According to Tomczyk, “a lot of bad things have happened in these eight years.” – There was a lot of accumulated anger that people turned into voices – he said. He added that millions of Poles finally believed that their vote mattered. – They saw that this ballot, this cross, is a weapon in the electoral fight – he said.

“The PiS government has lost its social mandate”

Asked whether he thought it was possible for PiS to gather the 231 votes in the Sejm needed to form a government, Tomczyk replied that he did not see such a scenario “at the moment”. – We are waiting for the final election results, we are waiting for the announcement of the National Electoral Commission – he emphasized.

– The nation said that it does not want PiS to rule, that the opposition should have a majority in this parliament and the opposition should decide what the government will look like – argued Tomczyk.

He appealed to the PiS government and Prime Minister Morawiecki not to make “any controversial decisions in the coming days and weeks” so that “the change of power can take place in style.” – The PiS government has lost its social mandate – said the PO vice-chairman.

He informed that “the leaders of parliamentary groups will now sit down at the table.” – These talks are only just beginning when it comes to personnel issues – he noted. – We demand from the president that the democratic camp be able to choose its candidate for prime minister. The natural candidate for prime minister is Donald Tusk, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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