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Friday, December 1, 2023

Parliamentary elections 2023. Cezary Tomczyk on the debate on government television: it was PiS’s election broadcast

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Donald Tusk exposed the lies of Law and Justice – said Cezary Tomczyk, MP of the Civic Coalition, in the “Piasecki’s Talk: Decision Time” program on TVN24, referring to the election debate on government television. He said it was a “paradebate”. – It was actually a PiS election broadcast – he said.

– I have no doubt that Donald Tusk won the debate, primarily because for seven minutes, because that’s how much time Donald Tusk had, he could convey more truth to TVP viewers than TVP viewers have had the opportunity to hear in the last eight years – said Tomczyk.

The Coalition MP referred in this way in the program “Piasecki’s Talk: Decision Time” on TVN24, to the pre-election debate that took place on Monday evening on government television. It was attended by: Donald Tusk (KO), Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (PiS), Szymon Hołownia from Trzecia Droga, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus from the Left, Krzysztof Bosak from Confederation and Krzysztof Maj from Nonpartisan Local Government. During the debate, questions were asked about migration, retirement age, social benefits, privatization, security and unemployment.

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Tomczyk: Tusk exposed the lies of PiS

The presenter, Konrad Piasecki, said that he “had the impression that the expectations towards Donald Tusk and the Civic Coalition were greater.”

Cezary Tomczyk he replied that the head of PO “exposed the PiS lies regarding the retirement age and the sale of Lotos.” – I think that TVP viewers yesterday were in great shock that they could see Donald Tusk saying something completely different than what they have been hearing on TVP for eight years, for example on the retirement age or on 500 plus. These are priceless things because people on TVP are destroyed by propaganda that tells them, for example, that Donald Tusk sold Lotos. Meanwhile, we know that it is exactly the opposite, because no such sale took place, and PiS sold Lotos to the Saudis and today there is a shortage of fuel at Polish stations – said Tomczyk.

Tusk about those in power: there is no trace of enthusiasm or faith in their own strength, they already know that they have lostORGANIZER’S PHOTOS

“It was PiS’s election broadcast”

The Civic Platform politician said it was a “paradebate”. – It was actually a PiS election broadcast, let’s be honest, it was some sort of debate with three PiS representatives, because there was Morawiecki, Rachoń and the other lady presenting it. After all, Mr. Rachoń was not only a member of PiS, but he was the PiS spokesman, if I remember correctly, in Sopot – he said.

When asked whether the government television fulfilled the obligations contained in the contracts, he replied: – Apart from the fact that Morawiecki knew the questions and could prepare the answers, apart from the fact that the questions were longer than the answers, apart from the fact that we saw what the lighting of individual candidates looked like during debates – he emphasized.

Asked whether he suggested that Tusk was illuminated worse than Morawiecki, he said: – I was at a debate with Rafał Trzaskowski in 2020 on TVP and this is more or less exactly what we encountered.

– Every question had a thesis, every question was repeated, every question was specifically aimed at Donald Tusk – he said.

When asked if the repetition of questions had been arranged, he replied “no”. – What is the purpose of repeating a question that lasts 40 seconds? – He asked.

– I think that the biggest loser of this debate is public television, because Polish Television has shown in all its glory what it is, that it is a propaganda mouthpiece, that it is a tool of political struggle – said Tomczyk.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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