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Parliamentary elections 2023. Civic Election Control. The campaign “Elections without drink” is launched

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The Committee for the Defense of Democracy and Action Democracy inaugurated the start of the campaign mobilizing people to join the Civic Election Control under the slogan “Elections without drink”. – We can take matters into our own hands and make the elections free and fair – emphasized Kinga Łozińska from the Committee for the Defense of Democracy.

A coalition of social organizations led by the Committee for the Defense of Democracy and supported by the opposition parties conducts the Civic Election Control campaign. The organizers are looking for volunteers who will appear in each of the 27,000 precinct electoral commissions on election day and verify whether each vote will be counted properly.

These are the choices in which we choose our future. That is why we strongly encourage you to be active during these elections, Łozińska said on Saturday at a press conference at Zamkowy Square in Warsaw, emphasizing that they are “equally important” as those of 1989. Their anniversary will come in handy on Sunday.

She emphasized that “this is the time when the rule of law is violated, civil rights and free media are violated, but citizens still have a lot to say.” “We can take matters into our own hands and make these elections free and fair. Elections without drink, she said.

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“This is a project that will determine whether we will be able to count on fair elections”

– This is not a project like many, because it is a project that will decide whether we will be able to count on fair elections. The events of the last weeks, months, the last elections in Turkey and in Hungary show that even with a large social mobilization, if there is no democracy, there is no rule of law, if every vote is not fully counted, the social will may not be reflected – said Jakub Kocjan of Democracy Action.

– That is why it is so important that this time our participation – each and every one of us – in the democratic process, the celebration of democracy, is not limited to showing evidence and choosing your candidate behind a veil, but also to to mobilize like never before, so that all places in Poland can be controlled, not to let these elections be twisted. We will also not allow anyone to steal elections from us, citizens, as they tried to do – ed. – he added.

“Elections without drink” campaign

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