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Parliamentary elections 2023. “Decision time: DEBUTS”. Katarzyna Nowakowska and Emilia Skibińska about their start

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This is women’s time. We felt that some matters needed to be handled centrally. We have to become an MP or vote for candidates who will implement our demands – said Third Way candidate Katarzyna Nowakowska in the TVN24 program “Czas Decyzji: DEBIUTY”. – The two of us are already standing here and working to make women’s lives better – emphasized the candidate of the Left, Emilia Skibińska.

In the new program “Czas Decyzji: DEBIUTY”, TVN24 journalists talk to young people who are starting in the competition for the first time. elections parliamentary. On Tuesday, in the second episode of the program, the guests were Katarzyna Nowakowska, starting from the second place on the Third Way list in district no. 10 in the Łódź Voivodeship, and Emilia Skibińska from the 10th place of the Left in the same district.

Debutantes about education

The topic of the conversation was education. And they were the starting point words of the Minister of Education Przemysław Czarnek, which on Monday, during the beginning of the school year in one of the schools in Węgrów, with a new dangerous ideology. – We finance the construction, expansion and modernization of special schools in order to veto the absurd ideological inclusive education – said the minister. He added that “we involve children in adult life, preferably in special schools, because we have excellent staff here.”

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The above-mentioned “inclusive education” is about ensuring that people with disabilities also study in mainstream schools and receive the support they need there.

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– Minister Czarnek sees ideologies everywhere. Unfortunately, Poland is not lucky when it comes to education ministers, commented politician Emilia Skibińska.

– What I propose is segregation. After all, school is supposed to prepare children for life in society. People with disabilities will not have separate jobs, they will be confined to special centers. It’s unimaginable. But maybe the minister imagines society this way, as segregated. I do not agree to this, said Katarzyna Nowakowska.

Incorrect core curriculum

The TVN24 reporter also asked about the issue of teachers’ salaries. – Teachers should earn much more than they earn now – replied Skibińska. She noted that with their low salary, teachers buy, among others: materials they need for work.

The reporter also asked about the current core curriculum, whether it is appropriate? – Even Supreme Chamber of Control she said that after the reform by Minister (Anna – ed.) Zalewska, the basis was written incorrectly. The experts who wrote it did not receive proper guidelines from the ministry. It’s absurd, Nowakowska replied. The Third Way candidate pointed out that the reforms proposed by the current government are also poorly planned in other areas. – We do not set specific goals and we do not plan how to achieve them – she emphasized.

Katarzyna Nowakowska also said that it was for money intended for indexation 500 plus program public services should be repaired. Here she pointed to the education sector. – Parents spend huge sums, that is PLN 4 billion, on tutoring their children – she pointed out.

Problems of perinatal care

In the program, the candidates talked about perinatal care. Katarzyna Nowakowska pointed out that a serious problem that rarely appears in public debate is the attitude of women who have had miscarriages. We often talk about access to abortion. But births also often do not go as they should in the 21st century, the candidate said.

– The Ministry is pressuring hospitals not to perform abortions, threatening them with penalties. But there is no pressure in the other direction to make the birth go better – added Nowakowska.

“This is women’s time”

Will women’s votes be more important in the upcoming elections? – Definitely. The two of us are already standing here and working to make women’s lives better. The Left is the first party to have a 50/50 division on its lists, said Emilia Skibińska. It’s wonderful to see women talking about their needs. Yes, these will be elections dedicated to women, said the Left candidate.

– Very often women are the ones who set up foundations that operate socially or in local government. This is women’s time. We felt that some matters needed to be handled centrally. You have to become an MP or vote for candidates who will implement these demands – concluded Nowakowska.

Main photo source: TVN24

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