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Parliamentary elections 2023. Donald Tusk and the message for the last days of the campaign: it’s time for happy Polish women

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Donald Tusk said at the “Women for Elections” meeting in Łódź that “there are still fundamental, fundamental rights and freedoms for women in Poland in the 21st century to be won.” At the same time, he said that the slogan for the last days of the campaign should be “It’s time for a happy Polish woman.” – Because if Polish women are happy, we will be happy, and Poland will be happy – he added.

On Tuesday in Łódź, the leader of PO Donald Tusk took part in the “Women for Elections” meeting. – There are women here today from all over Poland. Women came who did not hesitate for a moment and said to themselves: we will fight for our rights, for the rights of every Polish woman, the youngest girl, the oldest pensioner, for every Polish woman – said the Platform leader.

Tusk emphasized that the very fact that such a meeting should take place in Poland in 2023 is striking for him. – That thousands of women from Poland must once again come to one place to show that there is strength in them, because the fundamental, basic rights and freedoms of women in Poland in the 21st century still need to be won – he said.

– I want to say that this can no longer be the case. I can’t imagine that we would enter 2024 and after the first 100 days of the new government, this would still be a topic for debate and discussion, he continued.

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– During these 100 days, we have to make up for eight years of neglect, eight years of oppression, eight years of contempt and arrogance of the authorities towards Polish women. I promise you that’s why we go to these electionsto settle these matters immediately – he turned to the women.

Tusk: you were the first to shout: “Enough of this lawlessness”

Tusk also pointed out that the right to anesthesia during childbirth should still be treated as a political demand. – It is incredible that in the middle of Europe this is the subject of women’s political struggle against the authorities, which do not have even the slightest empathy towards all those who are in such need – he added.

The PO leader also said that women should speak out and raise their voices, just as they have been able to do in recent years.

– You were the first to take to the streets, you were the first to shout: “Enough of this lawlessness”, you were the first to pay a high price. It happened that you were spit on and thrown with mud by the highest authorities of our homeland. You were even beaten sometimes, said Donald Tusk.

Tusk: within 100 days we must make up for eight years of oppression and contempt of the authorities towards womenOrganizer’s photos

Tusk: women are much more likely to have lower pensions

The PO leader also talked about his party’s proposals to help entrepreneurs, mainly women.

– We propose a holiday for entrepreneurs as a matter not only of financial support, exemption for these three weeks from these terrible contributions and taxes, but also in terms of dignity. Because, you know, a hard-working woman who built a job for herself and gave someone else a job, she also has the right to 3-4 weeks of leave and the authorities must give it, Tusk said.

Donald Tusk at a meeting in ŁódźPAP/Marian Zubrzycki

Tusk also announced his dismissal pensions from tax. – Women are much more likely to have lower pensions. We really want there to be no longer such a feeling that pensioners will sometimes get something because, for example, the elections are approaching and President Kaczyński makes a grand gesture for a while – he said.

He also said that “pension women especially know what it means today – a low pension, additional health insurance contributions, free medicines that have turned into a mockery, medicines almost twice as expensive as two years ago and high prices in stores.” – We will exempt Polish pensions from tax – he noted.

Tusk: It’s time for a happy Polish woman

– We must have safe borders, we must have the feeling that Poland is governed by brave and reasonable people, we must have the feeling that the crazy authorities will not immediately take us out of the European Union, because it is happening before our eyes. Don’t be under any illusions. What we need today is power that has empathy, reason, common sense, patience and diligence, Tusk said.

– Our fight, this October 15, our votes will only make sense when a day later all Polish women, regardless of where they live, regardless of profession, regardless of age, will feel that finally our homeland is for them too, in full of the meaning of this word, homeland, their place, where their rights, their well-deserved privileges are – added Tusk.

– I want to tell you today that these words “it’s time for a happy Poland” here in Łódź should become perhaps the most important election slogan for us today, a message for these last days (of the campaign – editor). And they sound even different: “it’s time for a happy Polish woman.” This is what we want, because if Polish women are happy, we will be happy, and Poland will be happy – he added.

Tusk: It's time for a happy Polish woman

Tusk: It’s time for a happy Polish womanOrganizer’s photos

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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