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Parliamentary elections 2023. Donald Tusk’s conference disrupted by government television employee Michał Rachoń

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The head of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, appeared on Tuesday morning together with the politicians of the Civic Coalition in front of the government television building in Warsaw. The press conference was disrupted by a government television employee, Michał Rachoń. – Today we can clearly see what the so-called mission of PiS television is – said Tusk.

Chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk Together with KO MPs, he organized a press conference on Tuesday morning in front of the government television building at Powstańców Warszawy Square.

– As you may remember, for many years the opposition had fundamental doubts whether and how to participate in the programs prepared in this gloomy kitchen of Mr. Jacek Kurski and, now, his successor. We also have no doubt that the actions of the government media almost every day violate or violate both the Polish constitution and the provisions of media laws, which oblige the heads of public media to present reality objectively and to be impartial, Tusk said.

– Our representatives, MPs, MPs from the Civic Coalition, approached the idea of ​​participating in public television programs with great reservation after this terrible action of hunting down the family of MP (Magdalena) Filiks and her son, which resulted in the tragic death – he added.

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Opposition on government television

Tusk said that “for all decent people it is a very serious dilemma whether to cross the threshold of this place, and I understand it very well.” – In fact, participating in government television programs requires extraordinary resilience and ethical endurance, because participating in these programs can be very distasteful for obvious reasons – said the head of PO.

He noted that “however, we are in the middle of an election campaign.” – We saw how great an impression the speech of the Speaker of the Senate, Marshal Grodzki, made on the Polish public opinion, as he has the statutory right to make a speech on public television from time to time. And he said a few words of truth about what was happening at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the visa scandal. Millions of Polish women and men who on a daily basis only have access to “information”, to propaganda produced in this factory of lies, learned thanks to this message about several basic facts – said the head of PO.

Disrupted press conference

At that moment, a government television employee, Michał Rachoń, appeared on site and disrupted the conference.

– Ladies and gentlemen, today we see clearly what the so-called mission of PiS television is – said Tusk. – I will have to call the police in a moment because you are disturbing us in doing our work – he added.

Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of Agrounia starting in., approached Rachoń elections parliamentary elections from KO lists. – Please move aside, please do not disturb him – Kołodziejczak said to him. – You’re lying. You have always lied and you will always lie, he added.

– You will also be held criminally responsible for this type of actions, not only disciplinary – said Tusk, turning to a government television employee. – You are disturbing us during the press conference – said the head of PO.

Main photo source: TVN24

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