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Parliamentary elections 2023. Don’t know who to vote for? Take a simple test. How the 2023 Election Barometer and the 2023 Election Lighthouse work

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In the last weeks before the parliamentary elections, you can find free tools on the Internet that will allow you to check which electoral committee or party you are closest to in just a few minutes. The 2023 Election Barometer and the 2023 Election Lighthouse are a valuable hint for those who are undecided as to who to vote for. How to use these tools and what questions can you expect on the tests?

The Election Barometer 2023 application was created by scientists from Polish universities under the supervision of Dr. Hab. Dominika Kasprowicz, professor at the Jagiellonian University from the Institute of Journalism, Media and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University. To take the test, in the form on the website barometrwyborczy.com You must first answer a few questions regarding, among others: place of residence, age or level of interest in politics.

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Election Barometer 2023 – how it works

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The test in the Electoral Barometer 2023 consists of 24 issues, e.g. “Public aid to the poor should be the same or higher”, “Poland should spend more money on arming and maintaining the army”, “Local governments should be subject to tighter government control”, “Possession Marijuana for personal use should be legal. Every time you have to choice six answers: from “I completely disagree”, through “I neither agree nor disagree”, to “I completely agree” and “no opinion”. At the end, you will receive a chart showing how your views align with each committee.

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“The goal of the 2023 Election Barometer is to help people choose the committee that best suits their own views and political preferences,” the creators indicate on the Barometer’s website. As they emphasize, it is a “unique non-profit project not affiliated with any political party or organization.”

Lantern Election 2023

The second tool that allows you to easily compare your views to those declared by the political parties participating in the event parliamentary electionsis the Election Lantern 2023, developed by the Center for Civic Education (CEO). In the test on the Lamplighter’s website simply refer to 20 statements, choosing one of three answers: “I agree”, “I disagree” or “I have no opinion”. After selecting one of the first two variants, an additional question will be displayed on the screen: “Is this issue very important to you?”.

“The state should provide a free place in a nursery for every child”, “Abortion law should be liberalized”, “All entrepreneurs should pay the same amount of health insurance premium regardless of income”, “Financing of public media from the state budget should be limited” – these are examples of statements in Lantern Election 2023, for which you must select an answer. After completing the test, you will see a chart showing the consistency of your views with the declarations of individual election committees. After clicking on the logo of the selected committee, its answers to the statements mentioned in the test will be displayed.

“The goal of the Lamplighter is to support people in making thoughtful and informed electoral decisions. The Lamphouse is easy to use and the statements it contains are accessible,” recommends the Center for Civic Education.

Parliamentary elections in Poland will be held on October 15Shutterstock

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