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Parliamentary elections 2023. Election debate on TVP. Trzaskowski: viewers will see that Donald Tusk can speak Polish

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Many people who only watch television, which used to be public, will see Donald Tusk and it will turn out that he is a factual, nice man who can speak Polish and has very specific proposals – said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, on Friday at a meeting with voters. The deputy head of the Civic Platform emphasized that the debate scheduled for Monday on government television with the participation of Donald Tusk will be a “test of truth” that “neither Jarosław Kaczyński nor Mateusz Morawiecki can pass.”

Mayor of Warsaw and vice-chairman of the Civic Platform Rafał Trzaskowski met with voters in Bytom in Upper Silesia on Friday.

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“It will turn out that the propaganda has no basis in reality”

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In his speech, the politician referred to, among other things, debate scheduled on government television for Monday (October 9) at 6:30 p.m. with the participation of representatives of all six national electoral committees. He said it would be a “test of truth”.

– Suddenly, many people who only watch television that used to be public will see it Donald Tusk. Suddenly it will turn out that Donald Tusk has very specific proposals, that he is a substantive, nice man who cares about Poland and knows how to speak Polish. It will suddenly turn out that all the propaganda that has been served to us in recent years has no basis in reality, said Trzaskowski.

Rafał Trzaskowski in BytomTVN24

The Mayor of Warsaw said that “unfortunately, the other side (the ruling camp – ed.) does not want to pass this truth test. It is simply not able to pass it. Can you imagine Jaroslaw Kaczynski Could he take part in such a debate when he is completely detached from reality? He has no idea what the real problems of Polish women and men are. He probably hasn’t been alone on any walk for 20 years, he hasn’t been to the store. He is unable to talk to anyone except a few flatterers, because he is surrounded by a police line – emphasized the politician at a meeting with Bytom residents.

Trzaskowski commented that no matter who PiS sends to the debate – including the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – no representative of the ruling party “will pass the basic test of truthfulness.”

Trzaskowski: Silesian will have the status of a regional language

The deputy head of PO said that “PiS is still in some kind of war trench.” – They have this feeling that someone is constantly shooting at them: and this Germany, and these are refugees, someone is constantly scaring them, even though today a completely different patriotism is needed. Today we need building patriotism and normal conversation, said the mayor of Warsaw.

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The politician also reminded how important – in his opinion – obtaining EU funds is. He noted that thanks to EU funds, over 200 tenement houses in Bytom were revitalized. – We hear talk about patriotism all the time. How can you be a patriot if you want to waste the greatest development opportunity that lies before us? Wasting over PLN 500 billion of EU money, thanks to which we could completely change our reality – he said.

He added that EU money is especially needed in Silesia. He also referred to Silesian identity. – We will make sure that Silesian has this very important status of a regional language. We will make sure that the Ministry of Industry is here, he promised. He drew attention to the need to create “modern jobs” in Silesia. – There are billions at your fingertips for this – said Rafał Trzaskowski.

Trzaskowski also recalled Jarosław Kaczyński’s words from 2014, when he called Silesians a “camouflaged German option”, as well as his statements about a “grandfather from the Wehrmacht”. – Back then it was marginal when someone used these types of epithets, trying to stigmatize people, trying to divide us, trying to insult us. And not only Silesian women and men, but so many people in Poland who remember this difficult history. And today this is no longer a margin. They simply turned it into the axis of the election campaign, full of lies and manipulation, he emphasized. In this context, he encouraged people to vote for a change of government on October 15.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA – Zbigniew Meissner

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