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Parliamentary elections 2023. Electoral list numbers drawn. Law and Justice, Civic Coalition, Third Way – which number

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1 – Non-partisan Local Government People, 2 – Third Way, 3 – New Left, 4 – Law and Justice, 5 – Confederation, 6 – Civic Coalition – these are the numbers of the lists of electoral committees in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The drawing took place on Friday afternoon.

On Friday at At 5:30 p.m. at the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission, the numbers of electoral lists of candidates for the Sejm registered by electoral committees in more than one district were drawn. From the information provided on the website NEC it follows that we Six electoral committees registered their lists in all 41 electoral districts.

Individual election committees drew the following list numbers:

list number 1 – Nonpartisan Local Government Electoral Committee

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number list 2 – Coalition Electoral Committee Third Way Poland 2050 by Szymon Hołownia – Polish People’s Party

list no. 3 – Election Committee New Left

list number 4- Election Committee Law and Justice

number list 5 – Electoral Committee of the Confederation of Freedom and Independence

number list 6 – Coalition Election Committee Civic Coalition PO .N IPL Zieloni

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Next, numbers were drawn for the lists of other electoral committees that registered lists to the Sejm in more than one district.

The lists number 7 will be Polska Jest Jedno, 8 – Liberal Poland – Entrepreneurs’ Strike, 9 – Prosperity and Peace Movement, 10 – Normal Country.

2023 parliamentary elections

In the Sejm elections, Poland is divided into 41 constituencies of various sizes. In the smallest of them – Częstochowa – 7 MPs are elected, and in the largest – Warsaw – there are 20 seats up for grabs.

Parliamentary elections 2023 will take place on October 15. Poles will elect 460 deputies and 100 senators for a four-year term. Except for the election that day there will also be a referendum.

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