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Parliamentary elections 2023. Electoral lists of Law and Justice. PiS presents the names

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Law and Justice announced the presentation of its lists for the Sejm elections this weekend. Candidates have already been announced in Gdańsk, Lublin, Legnica and Koszalin, among others.

In the province Lublin opens the electoral list of PiS candidates to the Sejm Przemysław Czarnek. The Minister of Education and Science announced on Saturday that Michał Moskal is second on the list, followed by Magdalena Filipek-Sobczak, then Sylwester Tułajew and Artur Soboń.

– This is the strongest list ever. Due to the support that PiS has in Poland and here in the Lublin Voivodeship, each of these candidates has a chance to win a parliamentary seat. Everyone, regardless of their position, given the number of seats we can win, and we are going to fight for the full pool, has a chance to become an MP, everyone has a chance to enter parliament – said the head of MEiN.

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PiS list in Legnica

In turn, she announced the PiS list in the Legnica district (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). Elżbieta Witekwhich is the leader of this list.

In her opinion, together with other candidates, they form a “strong and determined team in Legnica that will fight for seats.” As she informed, the deputy minister of national education, Marzena Machałek, will run for second place. In the third place, MP Szymon Pogoda, who represents Bolesławiec. Next, the well-known head of the Prime Minister’s political cabinet, Minister Krzysztof Kubów, Member of Parliament Stanisław Żuk, seventh place MP from Legnica Ewa Szymańska, eighth place Staroste of Legnica Adam Babuśka – mentioned the Marshal.

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Witek emphasized that the PiS electoral list in Legnica includes politicians who have extensive experience. – People who were known, recognized and very active in their communities. But we also have new faces. We hope that we will fight for the seats with the same determination as the rest. I wish all my colleagues the best results and, of course, victory – she added.

Marshal of the Sejm Elżbieta Witek during the presentation of the Law and Justice Committee candidates in the 2023 parliamentary electionsPAP/Tomasz Golla

PiS candidates in Gdańsk

A press conference was held in Reagan Park in Gdańsk on Saturday, during which the number one candidate on the Gdańsk list in the parliamentary elections – MP Kacper Płażyński presented the PiS candidates for MPs in the Gdańsk district.

Płażyński said that PiS politicians meet in a random place – right next to the monument John Paul II and Ronald Reagan because of conservatism, traditions and how Poland should be treated, which is what guides all PiS candidates. He added that the list includes MPs, local government officials and no random people. – I am confident about the results of this list – said Płażyński and emphasized that it is a strong and experienced list.

He opens the list in district no. 25 (Gdańsk). PiS MP Kacper Płażyński. Number two will be MP Kazimierz Smoliński, followed by Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage Jarosław Sellin.

The PiS list will also include PiS representative in Gdańsk Tomasz Rakowski, PiS MP Tadeusz Cymański and former MP and several-time candidate for the president of Gdańsk Andrzej Jaworski.

The last candidate on the list will be Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets, Karol Rabenda.

There will also be women on the list – including: PiS councilors in Gdańsk Elżbieta Strzelczyk and Alicja Krasula, as well as Sylwia Wiśniewska from Starogard Gdańsk and Justyna Rydzyńska from Kwidzyn.

PiS list in Koszalin

The PiS list was also presented in Koszalin district no. 40, covering the city of Koszalin and the following poviats: Koszalin, Kołobrzeg, Szczecinek, Białogard, Świdwin, Drawsko, Sławno, Wałecki and Choszczno. It was presented by MP Czesław Hoc, who was number one there. The second is the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration, Paweł Głosernaker, and the third is the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Małgorzata Golińska.

– This is an honor, an honor, but also a great responsibility, as well as great obligations and challenges – said Hoc on Saturday. – I am very calm because we have a great list, these are truly the best of the best, these are proven people, these are experienced local government officials, politicians, state officials, but above all, good people.

He said that each of them bases their work on the motto “God, honor, homeland, family.”

– We’re proud of it. As an endocrinologist, as a politician, I have a double role, a mission towards the patient and towards the citizen – he justified with his own example that the PiS leader is the understanding of politics “as prudent concern for the general good”.

– Our determinant is humility, once again humility, and at the same time hard work for the general benefit, for the benefit of citizens. We are always close to the people, close to the voters, argued Hoc.

Parliamentary elections will take place on October 15. Poles will elect 460 deputies and 100 senators for a four-year term.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Golla

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