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Parliamentary elections 2023. Famous people encourage you to vote

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For some it is a civic duty, for others it is a civic right and privilege. A chance to express your opinion, to actively participate in social life, to decide about the future. Because you decide when you vote – convince the well-known, popular and involved in the pro-turnout campaign.

The TVN24 editorial team asked young and old about their motivations for participating in the elections. Although there are as many motivations as there are responders, the common denominator is the desire to co-decide. – If we want to change something and we want to actively participate in social life, let’s vote and go to the elections – appeals Reni Jusis, the singer. – I will vote because unfortunately you can’t complain if you don’t vote – adds actress Matylda Damięcka.

Decisions made by people whose voice at the ballot box can be given a green light or a red card will affect the fate of our country. – We live in crisis times. In the era of the climate crisis, with the war going on abroad with inflation hitting each of us, we must realize that behind all these problems there is politics, there are specific decisions – says Dominika Lasota, climate activist. – We, as the young generation, will create the future of our country, we will literally populate it and we will feel the consequences of our decisions for the longest time – adds Helena Englert, actress.

– We all have to go to the polls. All. This should be our duty. An absolutely constitutional obligation. We may not vote, but we should all participate in it – emphasizes Jerzy Owsiak, chief conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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Possibility to choose

Unfortunately, every election there are people who are convinced that elections change nothing. – Can you imagine someone making choices for you on an issue that is important to you? I can’t imagine such a situation. I always want to decide what choice I make – explains Grażyna Torbicka, journalist. – If someone doesn’t feel like going to the polls, I think they’re letting go of deciding where they want to live, how they want to live. I encourage those who don’t even want to vote, because maybe it will turn out to be yours – says Magdalena Cielecka, actress.

When you vote, you decide. As You want. – I encourage everyone. I will definitely be there myself. Be with us too – adds the leader of the Lady Pank band, Janusz Panasewicz.

Author:Michał Gołębiowski

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