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Parliamentary elections 2023. Foreign media write about Poland and the election results

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Foreign media write about the results of Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Poland. “The door has opened to the greatest change in society, culture, domestic and international politics since the fall of communism,” wrote the Spanish “El Pais.” The British BBC reports on the “election earthquake”.

Three opposition parties – Civic Coalition, Third Road and Left – will have 248 seats in the new Sejm. This is a majority sufficient to form a new government and remove PiS from power. Foreign media comment on the election results in Poland.

“El Pais”: Poland returns

“Poland returns” – this is how the Spanish “El Pais” titled its text about the Polish elections. “The triumph of the liberal coalition overcomes the populist actions of PiS and returns the country to Europe,” we read.

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“Democracy is the first winner of Sunday’s elections. Firstly, because there will be a change – and this is a key mechanism in democracy. One that autocrats are trying to get rid of,” write “El Pais” journalists.

“The rule of law, seriously weakened during PiS’s rule, will begin to regain its importance. A good European partner, such as Poland, will again be perceived in Brussels as a country committed to cooperation with the EU,” we read.

According to the Spanish daily, “the door has opened in Poland to the greatest change in society, culture, internal and international politics since the fall of communism.”

CNN: very tense times lie ahead in Poland

“The Polish pro-European opposition will displace the populists, but this is a very tense time,” writes the website of the American station CNN about the post-election situation in Poland.

Journalists point out that only the combined forces of the KO, Third Way and Left coalition have a chance to create a government with the support of the majority of parliament. “Despite this, weeks of top-level negotiations on the next government are expected,” we read.

“The Washington Post”: PiS was dramatically ousted

“The Washington Post” wrote that PiS was counting on another term, but was “ousted.” The daily reminds that PiS “wanted to take control of the justice system through a number of controversial reforms, which resulted in unprecedented criticism from the European Union.”

“Analysts predicted that Poland was on a path of democratic erosion similar to that experienced by Hungary and Turkey. (…) However, the Polish opposition, led by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk, overcame adversity thanks to the mobilization of the anti-PiS coalition and the strength of the Polish society.”

BBC: election earthquake in Poland

The British BBC wrote about the “election earthquake” in Poland. The portal considers post-election scenarios and explains how a new government is appointed. It also points to some of the differences between the parties that will form the new ruling coalition.

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