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Parliamentary elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński in Piekoszów: the standard of living must be raised where most Poles live

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The Poland of small towns and villages was largely forgotten. We reminded ourselves of it, but not in words, but in deeds – said Jarosław Kaczyński, the president of Law and Justice in Piekoszów. He added that “it is necessary to raise the standard of living in this part of the country where most Poles live – because most Poles live in smaller towns and villages.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski continues to tour the country as part of the “Poland is One – Local Investments” campaign. On Saturday, he met with the inhabitants of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Piekoszów.

As he said during his speech, “Poland of small towns and villages was largely forgotten.” – We remembered her. We remembered, but not in words, but in deeds, he added.

He noted that an example of this forgetfulness are water supply systems, which still do not exist in many places in Poland. – All these problems, and of course there are many in many different areas, need to be solved. It is necessary to raise the standard of living in this part of the country where most Poles live, because most Poles live in smaller towns and villages. In short, this problem must be dealt with.

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According to Kaczyński, “this is precisely the matter of one Poland and equality of Poles.” This is a community issue and this is a democratic issue. Because there is no democracy if there is no equality, at least the elementary one. That’s why it’s so important,” he added.

Jaroslaw KaczynskiPAP/Adam Kumorowicz

Kaczyński: They say that our formation is anti-self-government. She is pro-government

As he said, that’s why the government PIS undertook large programs to support local governments. – Some say that our formation is anti-government. It can be shown in numbers that it is pro-government, assessed Kaczyński.

– We have many areas that together form one whole, that is, they push the commune in the direction that is the goal: that life here is not worse than in very close Kielce (…) but also not worse than in Warsaw, which is much richer than Kielce – he said.

Kaczyński admitted that the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is one of the poorest in Poland. He said that a man of great merit for this voivodship was Deputy Prime Minister Przemysław Gosiewski, who died in the Smolensk catastrophe. “If he had lived, he would have done much, much more.”

– Apart from big cities, Poland is changing in the right direction. We keep our word, we spoke about the national community and already in the first, two-year period of our power, we were moving in this direction. Initially, very cautiously, due to the difficult financial situation and very difficult coalition partners. So it’s also about democracy. Democracy means keeping your word. We will not repeat various silly jokes that to promise twice is the same as to deliver, “he said.

Kaczyński: the PiS government is not a “government of geniuses”

As he stipulated, the PiS government is not a “government of geniuses”. “We are simply a well-qualified government of honest people and Polish patriots,” he said. – It would be very good if we continued to govern after the elections. In a few years, if this authority is supported by society, you will see how much can be done in this commune – said the PiS president.

Main photo source: PAP/Adam Kumorowicz

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