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Parliamentary elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński, Mateusz Morawiecki at the PiS convention in Katowice about Donald Tusk

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At the Law and Justice convention in Katowice, both the PiS president, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki focused their speeches mainly on Donald Tusk and criticism of his actions. Kaczyński said that “the point is to prevent Tusk’s system from returning to Poland,” and the point of this system was to ensure that those who “started to rob our country after 1989 have the right to continue to rob.” The head of government called the PO leader “Angela Merkel’s political husband” and presented “Tusk’s portfolio.”

The PiS president said at the convention in Katowice that for his political option to win, “in addition to the need for mobilization, faith, determination and work, there is also a need for a good understanding of what is going on at the moment.” – The point is to ensure that Tusk’s system does not return to Poland – explained the deputy prime minister.

– Tusk has many idiots around him, but he is not such an idiot himself, he knows what he is doing, where the jam is, he knows very well – added Kaczyński.

He said that after 1989, there was a great robbery of Polish property for several years. – Of course, there was a change in the system, freeing the economic initiative of Poles, but this system, which also had many external connections, wavered at some point. It had to be rebuilt. And Tusk undertook this task. And he understood well what it means to rebuild this system, what is fundamental, what must be ensured. Well, first of all, it must be ensured that those who began to rob our country after 1989, and sometimes even earlier, still had the right to rob, said the PiS president.

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Kaczyński: during Tusk’s rule, Poland was subordinated to Germany and Russia

– It was necessary to agree that Poland would be subordinated to external forces, especially two: Germany, and through Germany, which needed it, also to Russia – Kaczyński continued.

He said that three basic conditions had to be met. – Tusk implemented them, achieved his goal. But it had repercussions in many areas, he said.

He added that the most important area is that relating to “external and internal security issues.” – If they rob, there are no funds, because then they rob mainly public finances, so the army needs to be reduced. But there is external determination for this, so we need to reduce the army, especially in the east of Poland, he argued.

– We also need to create strategic concepts, because the state must have such a strategy, but it must correspond to the interests and expectations of our neighbors, in this case it was mainly about the eastern neighbor, but also the western one. And hence Tusk’s line of shame – this line of defense along the Vistula and Wieprz – he added. – And of course, no real military policy, nothing that would really change the army, which largely had the means of fighting from the 1960s, – he added. The PiS president also talked about internal security, or, as he mentioned, the police and the justice system. – This great robbery was constantly covered by the justice system, the prosecutor’s office, the courts, and also by the main part of the media. There were some exceptions and incidents, but overall he was protected. And this situation had to be strengthened even more. Hence, in addition to the lack of money, which was also the reason, the liquidation of police stations, which also meant limiting the forces that were supposed to oppose crime, he argued.

– Poland’s internal and external security treated as a stage for spectacle and theater and various types of false declarations, because it was said that this reduced army was modern and strong, and that it was supposed to provide us with what it could not provide in any way – he added.

Jarosław Kaczyński at the convention in KatowiceZbigniew Meissner/PAP

At the same time, the PiS president stated that the PO-PSL government’s policy related to the security sphere led to Poland being as far away from the USA as possible. – After all, Germany and Russia were planning and, to some extent, already implementing their goal, which was to expel the USA from Europe in an organic way, if not completely, – he said.

Morawiecki on the choice between “Jarosław Kaczyński’s Polish vision of homeland” and “Donald Tusk’s German vision”

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in his speech he stated that in the coming years elections Poles will decide, among other things, whether Poland will be a strong armed state or a disarmed one. – On October 15, there will be two visions of the homeland on the table in front of everyone: the Polish vision Jarosław Kaczyński and German vision Donald Tusk – said the head of government.

– This is the choice whether we want Poland to be ruled by a political statesman Jarosław Kaczyński or by a political statesman Angela Merkel Donald Tusk. This is our fundamental choice, said Morawiecki.

– They (PO), contrary to previous promises, raised the retirement age to 67 for women and men. For women working in rural areas, up to 12 years. They lied to Poles. Poles asked not to raise the retirement age. Millions of Poles asked them, but they listened to one person, specifically one German woman: Angela Merkel. Tusk listened to Angela Merkel, who urged him to raise the retirement age. This was the reality during the rule of the Civic Platform, said the Prime Minister.

Morawiecki on the choice between “Jarosław Kaczyński’s Polish vision of homeland” and “Donald Tusk’s German vision”Organizer’s photos

Morawiecki presented the “Tusk briefcase”

The head of government also presented “Tusk’s file”, which – as he said – “contains many documents, evidence and accusations, as well as plans and intentions of what Donald Tusk and the Civic Platform want to do.”

– This file contains numerous documents that also confirm their intentions to let in illegal immigrants – argued the Prime Minister. The head of government added that this is why “this file is also a great remorse of PO.”

– In Tusk’s “file” there is proof that they were preparing tens of thousands of places for illegal immigrants, that they want to create a second Lampedusa, here is the proof. But in recent days, Tusk’s party in Europe has been demanding that the migration pact, which includes accepting illegal immigrants or paying huge sums for not accepting illegal immigrants, be implemented as soon as possible. In recent days, Tusk’s party has done this. The scales in the eyes have fallen, said the head of government.

– This is proof, black and white, that Tusk wants to lead to a large wave of illegal immigration to Poland – he added.

Morawiecki showed "Tusk's briefcase"

Morawiecki showed “Tusk’s briefcase”Organizer’s photos

Prime Minister: in four years, the average salary in Poland will be PLN 10,000

In his speech, the head of government compared the situation on the labor market during the PO-PSL and PiS governments.

– The labor market under PO is two million and 300 thousand people without work. That’s over two million people on junk contracts. Work for PLN 4 or PLN 5 per hour. That’s over two million people forced into emigration to earn a living. This is Poland as the kingdom of garbage. This is Poland with no prospects, an assembly plant, cheap labor. We do not want such a Poland, the Prime Minister emphasized.

He pointed out that during the PiS government, in his opinion, dignity was restored in the labor market. – The minimum hourly rate is PLN 23, and in a few months it will be PLN 28 per hour. This is an average salary exceeding well over PLN 7,000, and we maintain our promise for the coming years. In four years it will be at least PLN 10,000 of the average salary in the Polish economy. This is a civilized labor market, this is the lowest unemployment in the history of the Third Polish Republic. This is the second lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. These are the achievements of the PiS government, he argued.

Main photo source: Zbigniew Meissner/PAP

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