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Parliamentary elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński on the visa scandal, Kinga Gajewska, migration, European Union policy

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Jarosław Kaczyński, during the provincial convention in Wrocław, referred to the visa scandal and the police intervention against Kinga Gajewska, who said that “250,000 people from Africa and Asia were allowed into Poland.” – There were exactly 268 visas that the lady was shouting about there. Not 250,000. So they’re magnifying it about a thousand times, he said. The PiS president also said that among the things that “we deserve” are: German reparations, EU funds and “peace, the possibility of a normal life.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski during the provincial convention in Wrocław, he briefly referred to the visa scandal and Tuesday’s detention of Kinga Gajewska by the police. The MP from the Civic Coalition was led to a police car by police officers and dragged into it. Earlier, she said through a megaphone: – 250,000 people from Africa and Asia were allowed into Poland, and our visas were sold at stalls.

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– There were exactly 268 visas that the lady was shouting about there. Not 250,000. So they magnify it about a thousand times. When it comes to such scandals involving really large sums – you could say billions and tens of billions – they are really great specialists in this respect – said the president PIS.

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Kaczyński: there were exactly 268 visas that that lady was shouting aboutTVN24

Kaczyński: we say a clear “no” to the relocation of illegal migrants

During his speech, Kaczyński spoke, among other things, about security issues. – Not the military kind, but the everyday kind. Today, Poland is a peaceful country with a relatively low crime rate. You can live in normal conditions, without constant danger. But there are those who want to change it, said the PiS leader. In his opinion, the European Union authorities have not drawn “any conclusions from what has been happening in Europe for a long time.” – On the other hand, we are dealing with an opposition in Poland that is total, as it calls itself, but which is also anti-state and anti-national – he pointed out.

– Her boss (Donald Tusk he is behaving in a scandalous way and, taken together, this creates a really difficult situation. We have to deal with it, he argued. As he continued, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, “recently announced 10 points.” – Two of them are simply a return to what was rejected in 2018. Rejected largely thanks to Poland, thanks to the tough policy of our government, said Kaczyński. He added that it is about a return to the relocation of migrants, which will mean “nothing other than a situation in which those who are currently in Lampedusa, but also in other places, and there will be more and more of them, will be forcibly brought to Poland.”

– Mrs. von der Leyen told those involved in smuggling, human trafficking, all those who transport people to Europe, “keep doing it, it’s a great business, you will earn even more,” he said.

– This is an encouragement for Poland and other European countries to be flooded with people who are deceived by the fact that they will be able to live better here, and who very often live, one might say, in various ways, not necessarily indifferent from the point of view of ordinary life. citizen, ways – said Kaczyński.

– I want to say clearly, we say a clear “no” here. We say this because we know what is happening in various countries south, west and north of our borders. We know about zones where even the police are afraid to enter even larger forces, about constant brawls, acts of terror, crimes, rapes, hooliganism and people’s fear – said the PiS president.

Jaroslaw KaczynskiTVN24

Kaczyński: we deserve German reparations, EU funds and peace

Most of Kaczyński’s speech focused on the migration policy pursued by PO when it was in power, and the attitude of the European Union in this matter.

He stated that PO representatives had previously assured that they were ready to accept any number of migrants. – It was their policy. We stopped her. (…) But they do not draw any conclusions from the facts. Therefore, you should ask what this is about. The point is that Tusk is a man of Brussels, and if of Brussels, it means also of Berlin and, to some extent, also of Moscow, Kaczyński said.

As he continued, civil Platform is unable to say “no” to EU policy. – He must say “yes”, even against the Polish interest, against everything that is simply due to us. Because we are entitled to various things – we are entitled to German reparations, we are entitled to funds from the European Union. We also deserve peace, the opportunity to live a normal life, to be the first generation that can live and develop under normal conditions, without communism, without occupation. And we show how well we can use it – added the PiS leader.

Kaczyński: we deserve German reparations, EU funds and peace

Kaczyński: we deserve German reparations, EU funds and peaceOrganizer’s photos

Kaczyński about “Tusk” and the “big teddy bear”

Kaczyński assured that his formation was not against the EU, although – as he admitted – the Community had “gone in a very wrong direction”. – We strive to change this direction (…). We are waiting for the next one elections European, next year, we are waiting for changes, they will come – he continued.

Kaczyński said that the wealth and strength of Europe is its diversity and subjectivity of nations and states. – This diversity and this subjectivity must be maintained, it cannot be turned into any new empire, in this case the German empire. We also have enough of empires, he declared.

– We will not allow that because of the private interests of one man – because all this reset policy, all this policy of lying flat to the Germans – will in fact lead to one thing: Tusk becoming a “big teddy bear”, i.e. someone important in the European Union. He failed to become the President of the European Commission then, but he became the President of the European Council – said the PiS president.

– We can’t let this happen. Something unheard of was achieved – the privatization of Polish foreign policy by one man. We rejected it. Today, this is politics in the interest of the nation, in the interest of everyone, added Kaczyński.

PiS president: we will help Ukraine, but we will not eliminate Polish agriculture

Kaczyński also referred to current Polish-Ukrainian relations. – We helped from the beginning, in the first period, when it comes to military assistance, i.e. with weapons supplies, we were ahead of everyone else. We also helped as people, as both government and local government authorities, we did everything we could, said Kaczyński.

He said that help was also provided later. – We want and will support Ukraine on this front. But we did it for fundamental reasons, because of the values ​​we profess – our attachment to freedom, including the freedom of nations, but also in the name of our reason of state. However, in no case, if we can talk about such an implicit agreement between us and the Ukrainians, did it include a point that we would liquidate Polish agriculture because of this defense, said the PiS president.

– Polish agriculture now, in a year and in five years, I hope, after Ukraine’s great victory, will have to be protected – he emphasized.

According to the president of PiS, the Civic Platform does not act in the interest of Polish farmers. He mentioned, among other things, the presence of Agrounia leader Michał Kołodziejczak on the KO electoral lists.

– They are very pro-EU, but they include a man who trampled the EU flag, spat and shouted against the EU on their lists. They supposedly support NATO and our security, but (they introduce) a man who showed ugly gestures to the Americans, i.e. he wanted to eliminate our only alliance that really matters when it comes to our ability to effectively fight Russia. Including this man on the list means nothing more than complete disregard for the Polish national interest, Kaczyński said.

At the same time, the PiS leader added: – This unpleasant situation (with Ukrainian grain – editor) does not change anything when it comes to our attitude towards nearby Ukraine. We will support her until victory.

Main photo source: TVN24

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