Parliamentary elections 2023. Live coverage


First there was voting, often preceded by waiting in long lines. Then 9 p.m. struck on Sunday, the election silence ended and we learned the results of the Ipsos exit poll. Now the committees are counting the votes. At we report on the course of the parliamentary elections in Poland.

  • The National Electoral Commission published on its website data from 29 out of 260 Poznań voting precincts, according to which the Civic Coalition’s candidate in the Senate elections, Rafał Grupiński, obtained 70.66 percent. votes (3,283), and Ewa Jemielity representing PiS 29.34 percent. ( 1,363). These are the only candidates running for the senatorial seat from Poznań.

    In the 2019 elections, the senatorial seat in district no. 91 was won by KO candidate Marcin Bosacki; At that time, over 72 percent supported it. voters, and less than 28 percent voted for Przemysław Alexandrowicz from PiS. voters.

  • A race against time begins in foreign electoral commissions. They have 24 hours to count the results, otherwise the votes of the Polish community will be thrown into the trash. Interest in participating in elections abroad was exceptionally high.

  • In Canada, where 12 electoral commissions voted on Saturday in the Polish parliamentary elections and referendum, a very high turnout was recorded. In nine committees it exceeded 90%.

  • At the district electoral commission in Jagodno in Wrocław, voting lasted until 3 a.m. There were still several hundred people standing in line to vote at midnight.

  • At. 23.20 from the polling station in the 7th Secondary School at ul. Skarbińskiego in Krakow, the last voters left, and there was applause in the room of the district electoral commission no. 124. It was at this point that long lines of people willing to vote had been lining up since the afternoon.

  • In Spain, the elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland and the national referendum in 15 voting districts have ended – nine in the consular district of the Consular Section of the Republic of Poland in Madrid and six in the district of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona. A record turnout was recorded – over 24,400 people in total.

  • The elections were extremely peaceful, said Sylwester Marciniak, chairman of the National Electoral Commission, on Sunday evening. He emphasized that the turnout was probably the largest in the history of the Third Polish Republic; However, we have to wait for the official election results – the National Electoral Commission plans to announce them on Tuesday.

Rules for dividing seats

In elections to the Sejm, deputies are elected in multi-member constituencies. The mandates are distributed in proportion to the support obtained by the electoral committees. Only those committees that received 5 percent of the votes nationwide or – in the case of a coalition – 8 percent of the votes take part in the division of seats.

In elections to the Senate, senators are elected in single-member constituencies – the senatorial seat in a given district goes to the candidate who obtained the greatest support.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP/EPA

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