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Parliamentary elections 2023. Łukasz Litewka from the last place on the list of the New Left in Sosnowiec jumped to number one – Włodzimierz Czarzasty

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In his election posters, Łukasz Litewka appeared with dogs from the shelter. He is known locally for his charitable activities. He is 34 years old, almost half the age of Włodzimierz Czarzasty, and has no political career. They both started in Sosnowiec from the New Left. The leader of this party, number one on the list, won 12,000 votes. Last place Lithuanian – 22,000. The counting continues.

The National Electoral Commission counted votes from 273 out of 445 (61.35%) voting districts in constituency number 32, which includes Będzin and Zawiercie counties and cities with county rights: Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno and Sosnowiec.

It is a former stronghold of the left. Currently, Nowa Lewica is in third place there (22 percent of votes), behind PiS and KO, which are fighting for victory (they have 29 percent each with a slight advantage of PiS).

A clogged hole on the list outclassed an old party veteran

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The first place was lost to 63-year-old Włodzimierz Czarzasty, an old party veteran. The leader of the New Left, formerly SLD, started his political career in the Polish United Workers’ Party. He has nothing to do with Sosnowiec, except that he got into the Sejm from this constituency in 2019. This time he may not succeed. He was outclassed by Sosnowiec councilor Łukasz Litewka, whom the New Left placed last on the list.

Włodzimierz CzarzastyPAP

Lithuanian is 34 years old. He is just starting his political career. 10 years ago he became a councilor of Sosnowiec. This is how he recalled that start on social media: “After two people resigned, I was asked if I wanted to try my hand at social activity. I had felt it for a long time, but I was aware that I was a so-called “filler” on the list – I was supposed to add “a little bit”. “votes” into the pool and goodbye, bro. I believed in myself. Being true to myself, instead of printing posters, I painted benches, went from apartment to apartment to introduce myself to the residents and leave my phone number. Every now and then I heard that I wanted to sell something to someone or I encourage people to have a different faith, and I simply believed that together we can change something, together we can do more.

Łukasz Litewka and homeless dogs on banners

In Sosnowiec and the surrounding area he is known for his charitable activities. If a resident wants to donate a washing machine to the poor, or needs a stroller for a child, or if they are looking for support because their house burned down or they are sick, Litewka is called on Facebook. The councilor claims that he has been running an election campaign for 10 years. On election posters, he appeared with dogs waiting in a shelter for adoption.

Over 22,000 votes have already been counted. Czarzasty – 12 thousand. If the Left does not retain two seats in the district, the young social activist will defeat the old veteran. But there is still a good chance that both of them will enter the Sejm together.

Main photo source: Facebook/PAP

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