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Parliamentary elections 2023. New Left Convention in Łódź

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We must be a shield against the Confederation, we must take third place in these elections and after 18 years of presence in the European Union, we must finally let European values ​​into Poland. This is our task for these elections and the coming years, said one of its leaders, Robert Biedroń, at Saturday’s election convention of the New Left. He also announced that the party’s leadership is being expanded to include three new leaders.

On Saturday at noon, the New Left electoral convention was held in Łódź. The group’s leaders presented their program priorities and officially launched the campaign.

– Four years ago, we met as three generations. Back then, we had a great dream to return to the Sejm after years of absence and freshen up Polish politics, he said Robert Biedroń. – Over these four years, we have proven that issues such as solidarity, values ​​such as caring for other people, tolerance, equality are our values ​​that make us change the face of Polish politics. Today, the Left is the beating heart of Poland and it is thanks to you. Thank you for this, he said to those gathered at the convention in Łódź.

Biedroń said that four years ago there were three leaders of the left. – Today we start a new stage, a new chapter of our journey. We are ready to expand our team by three leaders, said the leader of the New Left. These are Magdalena Biejat, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk and Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus. – “Forward Left!” This is our slogan. This is our team. This is the Polish Left, which will change Polish politics even more, Biedroń said.

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“Black and brown clouds hang over Poland”

In his speech, Biedroń warned that “black and brown clouds” were hanging over Poland. – They are bringing a state that will only be for the chosen ones – for priests and increasingly radical politicians. A state of high prices, bankruptcy of hospitals, schools and offices. A country where, if you have a party card, you can use it like an ATM. Coalition state PIS and the Confederation hangs over us. A Confederation that talks so much about freedom and wants to muzzle this freedom for all of us here. We will stop this black and brown coalition, he announced.

Biedroń listed the most important tasks facing the Left today. – First of all, we must be a shield against the Confederation. Secondly, we have to finish third in this race. Thirdly, after eighteen years of presence Poland in the European Union finally let European values ​​into Poland. This is our task for these elections and for the coming years – he said

Politicians will go on a tour of Poland directly from Łódź.

Main photo source: Twitter/@KGawkowski

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