Parliamentary elections 2023. PiS convention in Krakow. Jarosław Kaczyński: I wanted not to talk about Tusk, but I can’t


I wanted not to talk about Tusk this time, but I can’t cope because he keeps forcing, said the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, in Krakow, explaining that the PO leader “is using changes in the army to try to destabilize the army.” He also stated that “Poland will be robbed if they win.” He warned against “projects that are being presented today in the European Parliament, generally in the European Union”, “which, in fact, if implemented, would eliminate Polish independence.”

On Wednesday, the provincial convention of Law and Justice was held in Krakow. The party president spoke at the meeting Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

– This is our last convention. During these last fifteen years, I spoke very often about Tusk. Well, this time I wanted not to say anything, at the end I wanted not to say anything, but I can’t, ladies and gentlemen, because he keeps forcing me, he just forces me, he said.

He drew attention to the party’s electoral goals. – We want security and I can say that our formation – PiS, United Right – she has done a lot for Polish security during these eight years – he emphasized.

He pointed out that PiS has done a lot for external security, strengthening the army, and for internal security, strengthening the services. He added that the PiS government has also strengthened Poland when it comes to energy security. – And we have finally strengthened our alliance with the United States. Our predecessors destroyed this alliance, he argued.

The PiS president drew attention to the war in Israel. – Someone will say Israel, Palestine is very far away. Indeed, it is far away, but the conflict that broke out there, this war, that is how it must be defined today, is a new threat which, together with what is happening in Ukraine and what is happening around Taiwan, is truly a global threat – he emphasized .

– And what does Tusk do? Tusk is using changes in the army to try to destabilize the army, destabilize the situation in Poland, and precisely in this field, the field of security. Every man with common sense knows that such things cannot be done, and he is ready to do it for the sake of victory, for a brawl that, in his opinion, will give him victory, he noted.

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PiS president: every vote for the opposition is in fact a vote for Donald Tusk

The PiS president emphasized that the destabilization plan using migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border “was nothing more than preparation for aggression against Ukraine.” – We defended the borders against direct physical attacks. We built a fence. We strengthened our forces there. We have moved military forces to the east, said the PiS leader.

– Why Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform, what he did with his helpers at the border? – Kaczyński asked and replied that the PO leader “made rows, attacked the Border Guard, the police, called the worst people who work and, one might say, fight for Poland.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski PAP/Łukasz Gągulski

– They said they were talking about poor people who are looking for their place on earth, but these people are people sent by (Vladimir) Putin and (Alyaksandr) Lukashenko. In short, Tusk did everything to ensure that the destabilization that was the goal of this procedure took place in Poland – said the PiS president.

As he emphasized, “this is a disgrace and a scandal.” – I must warn Poles not to let this man come to power. Remember, every vote for the opposition is in fact a vote for Tusk, Kaczyński pointed out.

“Poland was robbed and will be robbed if they win”

The PiS president also said what, in his opinion, is the meaning of the upcoming events elections. – Firstly, it is a fundamental issue relating to our interests, including our dignity. The point is that decisions about Poles should be made in Poland, not in Brussels, not in Berlin, but in Poland, Kaczyński said.

He stressed that it was a matter of “our independence”, and at the moment “a hand has been raised for it”. – These projects that are presented today in the European Parliament, generally in the European Union, are projects that, if implemented, would actually eliminate Polish independence. The Polish authorities would have no say in Polish matters, the elections would be a pure ritual without significance, said the PiS president.

He emphasized that there is one political force in the country that guarantees that this will not happen – the United Right, Law and Justice.

Another issue – as Kaczyński said – concerns finances. As he noted, “in order to have money, we cannot allow Poland to be robbed by VAT mafias and other mafias.”

– Poland has been robbed and will be robbed if they win, because it is not even a matter of their will, it is a matter of their connections, their way of thinking, their various types of addictions – said Kaczyński.

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Main photo source: PAP/Łukasz Gągulski

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