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Parliamentary elections 2023. PiS presents the leaders of the lists. Dariusz Joński and Paweł Zalewski comment

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On Thursday, the President of Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński presented the leaders of the lists in the autumn parliamentary elections. In the opinion of Dariusz Joński, a member of the Civic Coalition, who was a guest of “Fakty po Faktach”, these “ones” are “about immunities, about freedom”. The MP of Poland 2050, Paweł Zalewski, in turn, assessed that Kaczyński “maximizes the chances of making the defeat as small as possible”.

Law and Justice presented the leaders of its lists on Thursday elections to the Sejm. PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek announced that full lists of PiS, including candidates for the Senate, will be presented this weekend in individual districts.

According to Thursday’s presentation, the PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski will start from Kielce. So far, the politician opened the list of parties in Warsaw. In the capital, in turn, the minister of culture and national heritage will be at the top of the electoral list Piotr Glinski.

“Jedynki” of PiS were commented in “Fakty po Faktach” by Paweł Zalewski, MP from Poland 2050, and Dariusz Joński, MP from the Civic Coalition.

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Joński: these “ones” are about immunities

Dariusz Joński assessed that “the inhabitants of Olsztyn were surprised that Mr. (Janusz – ed.) Cieszyński came to them in a briefcase, who spent money on respirators lightly”. “The money hasn’t come back, but he’s back and he’s going to top the list,” he said.

The KO MP stressed that he was more interested in who is running on the PiS list than where. – When I look at you Paweł KukizI hear that (Łukasz – ed.) Mejza, Cieszyński for respirators, (Jacek – ed.) Sasin in Białystok, although he has not settled elections envelopes. If I look at the whole team, including Mr. (Przemysław – ed.) Czarnek, the famous Willa plus scandal, it shows what these people are going for – he said.

– It has been said in the corridors for a long time (that) they have guaranteed themselves such impunity in this term of office, because of course they have their own prosecutor’s office, police and so on. But now they are fighting for freedom and that is why these “ones” are about immunities, about freedom – he added.

Zalewski: Kaczyński maximizes the chances of this failure being as small as possible

In the opinion of Paweł Zalewski, “there are two issues here”. – The first is that Jarosław Kaczyński relies on people who are discredited and therefore faithful and obedient to him. And this is the quality he looked for in his colleagues. Not that they bring anything positive, but that they are completely faithful to him. This is how he has been building his party for over a dozen years and he does not intend to give up on it, he said.

Zalewski: Kaczyński maximizes the chances of this failure being as small as possibleTVN24

– And the second thing. Jarosław Kaczyński expects failure, that’s why he moves people. That’s why he’s running as a candidate in those districts where he believes that there may be benefits from his candidacy, but also from the candidacy of people such as Mariusz Kamiński will be the highest, he said.

– Warsaw is lost to him. He knows this very well, which is why he will not run as a candidate in Warsaw. This is an escape, but it is also a simple calculation. (…) This calculation is based precisely on the fact that he thinks he may lose this election. So it maximizes the chances that this failure will be as small as possible – added the Polish 2050 MP.

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