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Parliamentary elections 2023. PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński on the referendum and electoral lists

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Everything indicates that the politicians of Sovereign Poland will be on the electoral lists of Law and Justice – said PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, noting that the lists are not ready yet and “it is still quite a long process”. The Deputy Prime Minister also referred to the referendum on migrants, in which “the shape of the question will concern the acceptance of the government’s policy aimed at opposing forced relocation”. “Perhaps the time will come for questions that are also directly related to other problems, such as the problem of sovereignty,” Kaczyński added.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski in an interview with PAP, he was asked if the electoral lists of Law and Justice were ready. – They are not ready, it is still quite a long process. Participation in the election campaign and the manner of acting in it, as well as assessments that will concern the entire past four years, will be the prerequisites for the order on the lists, or even the mere presence on them. Therefore, at the moment it is much ahead of time to establish these lists – explained the Deputy Prime Minister.

When asked whether politicians of Sovereign Poland will be included in these lists, the president PIS he said that “everything points to them being found.” – Just as there were representatives of all groups in Bogatynia – smaller and larger, which are together in this great entity, which is United Right, so all representatives of these will be on the lists. I just can’t say for sure at the moment where they will be, although I’ve been talking to them a bit about it already – he explained.

Jaroslaw KaczynskiPAP/Pawel Supernak

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The PiS president noted that the politicians of Sovereign Poland “will not be harmed, given what they have had so far”. However, he stipulated that “they must realize that there are others, including the main party that carries the main burden.” We have no intention of harming them. It was different in our cooperation, but in politics you have to have good will – he added.

Kaczynski: Perhaps the time will come for other questions

Kaczyński was also asked whether the planned referendum question on migration was already known, and whether this issue would be considered at the next session of the Sejm. – We are still wondering whether we will put it up next week, because then the next Sejm will be held, or not. But the shape of the question will be about accepting the government’s policy to oppose forced relocation, he explained.

He also noted that “a referendum is an institution that can be used many times and not necessarily together in elections.” He explained that “this just coincides (with the elections – ed.) and for the sake of savings it has to be done in this way”. – Perhaps the time will come for questions that also refer directly to other problems, such as the problem of sovereignty, but this may not be the best moment, because it must first be thoroughly communicated to the public, and there are many different problems in the election campaign at the moment. This is too important a question to be combined with other questions, as well as with the noise and sometimes even chaos of the election campaign, he explained.

The PiS president on the NATO summit

Kaczyński was also asked what he expects from the summit FOR THIS in Vilnius and what do you think about the support package for Ukrainewhere, among other things, a long-term plan to arm Ukraine and a guarantee of joining NATO in the future. – If such a guarantee is found, it will be very good. This would mean that in the recent period there has been a serious change in the attitude of various countries – emphasized the PiS president.

– I think that as far as aid packages are concerned, they will actually be adopted. Although there are also some signs that something that was supposed to be intended for Ukraine is to be sold somewhere else, although I will not specify it, at least far from this front, he noted. – If during the summit there are specifics regarding Ukraine’s membership in NATO, it will be a very positive surprise – said the PiS president.

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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