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Parliamentary elections 2023. President Andrzej Duda’s people want to run for the Sejm – Wirtualna Polska

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Leading ministers and advisers from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland are preparing to run in the parliamentary elections. According to unofficial information from Wirtualna Polska, Andrzej Duda’s entourage may leave as many as five advisers.

As Wirtualna Polska wrote, leading ministers and advisers from the president’s environment Andrzej Duda are preparing to run in the parliamentary elections.

“These are the most famous, though surprising names for many,” WP wrote. According to the portal, interlocutors from the power camp claim that as many as five people are at stake. They may appear in the lists Marcin Przydacz, Piotr Ćwik, Paweł Szrot, Paweł Sałek and Łukasz Rzepecki. According to information from Wirtualna Polska, a great return to politics by Marcin Mastalerek and Błażej Spychalski is also possible.

Paweł Szrot, Piotr Ćwik, Andrzej Duda, Jacek Siewiera and Marcin Przydacz during the meeting of the National Security Council (February 2023)Piotr Molecki/East News

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WP: Przydacz as a candidate for the Sejm. “Going to the Elections”

The Polish Armed Forces pointed out that “one of the most active people of the head of state is undoubtedly Marcin Przydacz”. It was emphasized that he was a former deputy minister of foreign affairs in 2019-2023 and an Eastern policy specialist, and for several weeks the head of the International Affairs Office in the Chancellery of the President.

– I think it’s going to be an election. He brought a lot to the Palace, although he has been working closely with Andrzej for a long time – told WP Przydacz’s friend from the political environment.

– He was a link between the government and the president, a “presidential manor”. He gained great respect in PISalthough some claim that he is overactive in the media, one of Wirtualna Polska’s interlocutors from the ruling camp pointed out.

Przydacz himself, in an interview with Wirtualna Polska, did not confirm the information about his possible start in the elections.

Head of the Presidential Office of International Policy Marcin PrzydaczJakub Szymczuk/KPRP

Ćwik, Sałek, Szrot do not confirm the information about the candidacy

Another man from Andrzej Duda’s entourage who, according to WP, is to express his desire to run for the Sejm, is Paweł Sałek. He was a former deputy minister of the environment, and since 2018 a full-time adviser to the head of state. A specialist in climate policy and environmental protection, who – according to information from Wirtualna Polska – would like to return to the government in the future.

Minister Sałek, asked by Wirtualna Polska about running in the elections, replied as follows: “At the moment it is difficult for me to comment on plans for the elections. Currently, I am focusing primarily on my work in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.”

The deputy chief of the president’s office, Piotr Ćwik, who was recommended to the Presidential Palace as a representative of the environment associated with former prime minister Beata Szydło (who, as emphasized by Wirtualna Polska, still has good relations with Duda), did not reveal his plans to the HR. It was the former voivode of Lesser Poland. – Ćwik is on the presidential list of candidates for the Sejm – stated the sources of the WP.

According to the HR, another unofficial candidate for the Sejm is the head of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland, Paweł Szrot. He also did not confirm this information to the portal.

Pawel SzrotMarcin Obara/PAP

Wirtualna Polska pointed out that Szrot is a link between the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, the government (he was the deputy head of the prime minister’s office) and PiS (he was the deputy director of the office). – He has very good relations with every environment in the party. Loyal, stable, reliable, not stars. A good organizer and student of Przemek Gosiewski took over his features of a stateman. If he wants to run for the Sejm, he has a high place on the list – Wirtualna Polska found out in the power camp.

WP: spectacular returns to the Sejm?

According to the HR, it will be harder for Łukasz Rzepecki, a full-time advisor to the president, who has been chairing the Youth Council within the National Development Council for several years.

“With the leadership of PiS, adviser Duda (born in ’92) had a complicated relationship – just like Mastalerek. A few years ago, Rzepecki publicly criticized his party for increasing the fuel tax (for which he was excluded from PiS) and advised Jarosław Kaczyński transition to retirement (already as MP Kukiz’15). Today, however, Rzepecki firmly defends the interests of the United Right and the president, clashing with opponents in weekend breakfast broadcasts, “wrote Wirtualna Polska.

Rzepecki: the president maintains his words for the Constitutional Tribunal to argue (statement of May 7, 2023)TVN24

Rzepecki did not confirm Wirtualna Polska’s readiness to start. “However, we know from our sources from the law firm that if the president agrees and Nowogrodzka gives the green light, the young adviser will again run for the Sejm” – said the HR.

“It is possible that two spectacular returns are being prepared for active politics. It is about the duo Marcin Mastalerek-Błażej Spychalski, who has been “proven in business” for several years, “said Wirtualna Polska.

The portal pointed out that Mastalerek has been informally the closest advisor since the beginning of the president’s term at the Palace, and Spychalski is, in turn, a former spokesman for Andrzej Duda (privately close to Mastalerek), today an advisor to the president of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek.

However, Presidential Minister Andrzej Dera denied that he was a candidate in the parliamentary elections. “This information is fejk. I’m not going anywhere” – he replied in an interview with WP.

Main photo source: Piotr Molecki/East News

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