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Parliamentary elections 2023. Proposals for changes in education

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Slimming the core curriculum, pay raises for teachers, eliminating the red bar and conduct grades, withdrawing religion from schools – these are some of the proposals for changes in education that were discussed by representatives of nationwide groups on the day the new school year began. In turn, the current Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, drew attention to the programs introduced by PiS.

The new school year began on Monday. On this occasion, representatives of the largest groups talked about the state of Polish education and presented proposals for changes.

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Hołownia wants to eliminate the conduct grade and the red stripe

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Head of Poland 2050 and co-leader of the Third Way Szymon Hołownia at a press briefing in Białystok titled “School in a new way – education for the future” he emphasized that “our children deserve the best education.” – They deserve fluent English today after primary school. They deserve a psychologist in every school, because we know how challenging and difficult this world is. They deserve to slim down the core curriculum. They deserve all the reforms that we, as Poland 2050, the Third Way, postulate and will introduce – he said.

Hołownia wants changes in education. “There will be no more red stripes”TVN24

Hołownia – in the event of electoral success – announced the abolition of the institution of the education superintendent, conduct grades and the red stripe. – There will be different colored stripes on Polish students’ certificates. One color for outstanding young artists. The second one is for great athletes. Another one for ecological super activists who, already in primary school or high school, show that they know how to care for the planet – said Hołownia.

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KO MPs: we will slim down the core curriculum, we will raise wages

Katarzyna Lubnauer, MP of the Civic Coalition, at a conference organized with Kinga Gajewska (KO) in front of the building of the Ministry of Education and Science, assessed that it was not only the current head of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Przemysław Czarnek, but also the former Minister of Education Anna Zalewska “who led to the fact that we can talk about a crisis in the Polish schools”. – The liquidation of junior high schools, overloaded core curricula, very low paid teachers, all this means that we currently have a permanent crisis in Polish schools – she said. She added that the core curriculum is not only overloaded, but also ideological.

Lubnauer announced that the Civic Coalition “will change Polish schools.” – We will slim down the core curriculum, improve the quality of psychological assistance, and improve teachers’ salaries. This is all our job after elections – declared the MP. She also pointed out that it is not politicians, but the National Education Commission that should shape the core curriculum and adopt textbooks.

– It’s high time for the school to help students, and not for the burden to fall on parents. We will achieve a situation in which every Polish student will receive help at school, so that they can actually cope with their studies, she said.

Lubnauer: we will slim down the core curriculum, improve the quality of psychological assistance, and improve teachers' pay

Lubnauer: we will slim down the core curriculum, improve the quality of psychological assistance, and improve teachers’ payTVN24

Gajewska drew attention to the number of secondary school students starting the school year. – After PiS and their reforms, today, September 4, over half a million young people went to Polish secondary schools – technical schools, high schools and vocational schools. Schools are bursting at the seams, she said.

Biedroń: Polish schools must emerge from the fumes of the Middle Ages

MEP, co-chairman of the New Left Robert Biedroń he emphasized in Bydgoszcz that the Left is ready for elections, also in the context of education.

– Today starts the new school year. This school year begins under the reign of probably the worst, next Roman Giertych, Minister of Education after 1989. (Przemysław) Czarnek may start the school year, but the end of the school year will be without Czarnek. This is good news for Polish schools, for all students, teachers and education workers who are fed up with the collapse of Polish schools, said the New Left politician. He noted that there is a shortage of 20,000 teachers throughout Poland, and in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship – 614.

Biedroń estimated that Polish schools would look different if one of the Left’s demands was implemented, namely the withdrawal of religion classes from schools, which costs PLN 3 billion each year. In his opinion, “the army of catechists could be replaced by an army of child psychologists” and “children and young people would be safe at school.”

– Today, young people learn from HiT textbooks, which are completely ideological and contain almost no truth. This is what the school looks like today under Czarnek’s rule. This has to change. Polish schools must emerge from the fumes of the Middle Ages and become the school of the future. Only the Left can guarantee this. Our dream is for school to be more practical and less theoretical. That the school would be a friendly place for everyone, that the teaching profession would not be an eternal volunteer job, and that teachers would work in a profession that is the crown of the profession, that is pride – said Biedroń.

Biedroń: Polish schools must emerge from the fumes of the Middle Ages

Biedroń: Polish schools must emerge from the fumes of the Middle AgesTVN24

He emphasized that the Education Law should finally include a provision about the Ombudsman for Students. He also declared that in the first months after taking power from PiS, the Left will ensure that every child will receive a hot meal at school. He said that on Monday, 350,000 hungry children living on the verge of poverty went to school.

Czarnek about vouchers, laptops, special schools and putting a “veto” on inclusive education policy

Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek, inaugurating the national school year at the Special Educational Center in Węgrów, said that this school year is the calmest in several years. – Three years ago, there were obstacles in the form of a pandemic. Shortly after the start of the school year, very difficult decisions had to be made about distance learning, he recalled, adding that it was similar two years ago. A year ago, he said, we were entering the new school year worried about what would happen next war in Ukraine and how many Ukrainian refugee children will have to be admitted to schools.

The head of the Ministry of Education also pointed to programs introduced by PiS – a voucher worth PLN 2.5 thousand for a teacher and laptops for fourth graders. He said that teachers will also receive additional remuneration this year on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of KEN. He said that next year’s budget will be the second budget in a row in which we will have a record increase in educational subsidies.

Czarnek about the attitude "veto the absurd, ideological policy of inclusive education"

Czarnek on putting a “veto on the absurd, ideological policy of inclusive education”TVN24

In his speech, Czarnek emphasized the importance of special schools. – These are schools with excellent teachers, excellent students, and excellent parents. They must have conditions to study in decent classrooms and gyms. We finance the construction, expansion and modernization of special schools in order to veto the absurd, ideological policy of inclusive education, he said.

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Przemysław Czarnek during the ceremonial inauguration of the school year at the Special Educational Center in WęgrówPAP/Leszek Szymański

Morawiecki: with future generations in mind, the government is implementing programs such as “Laboratories of the Future”

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in a letter read by the Masovian Voivode, Tomasz Bocheński, pointed out that with future generations in mind, the government is implementing programs such as “Laboratories of the Future”, which allow the development of “4 times K” competences: critical thinking, creativity, communication and cooperation.

– Starting this year, we are introducing the subject of business and management in secondary schools so that students gain competences in the field of economy, finance and labor markets. We also try to equip schools with the most modern equipment, so that graduating from school will provide students with the ability to freely use the latest technological achievements, he emphasized.

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Morawiecki said that the government cares about the physical and mental development of students by “systematically increasing the number of specialists, educators, psychologists and speech therapists”, and also wants to more strongly promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, which affect the condition of the entire society. In the letter, the Prime Minister added that the professional development of teachers is also supported, among other things, by financing postgraduate studies in all areas related to work at school.

Main photo source: TVN24, Leszek Szymański/PAP

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