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Parliamentary elections 2023. Rafał Trzaskowski about the campaign of the ruling PiS party

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Today, when Poles are worried about health care, education, prices and inflation, the ruling party decided to ignore these topics in order to cover its scandals of theft and corruption, just to build its message solely on terrible, bad emotions – he said in ” Faktach po Faktach” on TVN24 Rafał Trzaskowski. The president of Warsaw and deputy chairman of PO also commented on the attack on the head of the KO club, Borys Budka, in the program.

Head of the Civic Coalition club Borys Budka was attacked today by a customer of a shopping mall store. The deputy’s phone was destroyed. The case was reported to the police, who detained a 49-year-old man. The perpetrator was charged with violating bodily integrity and destroying property. The prosecutor placed the suspect under police surveillance and banned him from approaching the MP.

“They target people who try to think for themselves.”

The matter was commented on by Grzegorz Kajdanowicz’s guest in the Friday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 – the mayor of Warsaw and vice-chairman of the Civic Platform Rafał Trzaskowski. – It’s true, I’m very saddened by this. Please note that today PiS is running its campaign based solely on manipulation, lies and deceit, said the mayor of Warsaw.

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Commenting on the ruling party’s politicians, Trzaskowski said that “they are not trying to run any positive campaign.” – They don’t talk about any problems, about the future. They only hit Donald Tusk and in the Civic Platform, mainly creating various types of manipulations and repeating lies – said Trzaskowski.

– They attack people who try to think independently, they attack an independent culture. This is only a campaign cynically based on greed and on raising extremely negative emotions. Unfortunately, this is how it ends, admitted the PO politician.

Rafał Trzaskowski in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

“It used to be a fringe of the PiS campaign”

To point out that the aggressive tone of the election campaign is increasing, and to elections There is still some time left, Trzaskowski admitted that “it is incredibly sad.” – This is the country we live in, which PiS has prepared for us, where we have to look over our left or right shoulder all the time, because this amount of hate and manipulation unfortunately arouses very bad emotions – noted the president of the capital.

– If PiS decided to accuse all opposition politicians of being traitors and working for another country, if it tries to lie and manipulate, revealing the most secret secrets of our state and tries to say that generals, officers and the entire opposition wanted to give half of Poland to Putin , it’s no wonder that if someone lies in such a way, it evokes the worst possible associations with the 1930s, or with the terrible communist propaganda that aroused the worst demons of our history. And PiS is doing it completely on purpose, said Trzaskowski.

Trzaskowski pointed out that “it used to be a fringe of the PiS campaign in 2005, but now it is actually the only content of the campaign.”

– Please listen to what the Prime Minister says, what he says Jaroslaw Kaczynski and, unfortunately, also recently Mr. President. There is not a single positive note there, there is only hatred and hatred – he recalled.

According to the president of Warsaw, “PiS is building a state that destroys trust between us and destroys our credibility in the international arena.”

– Today, when Polish women and men are worried about health care, education, prices, inflation, the ruling party decided to ignore these topics altogether in order to cover its scandals of theft and corruption, just to build its message solely on terrible, bad emotions. built on lies – said the mayor of Warsaw.

Kaczyński attacked the film Holland. “All this to maybe get a small percentage of the vote”

Trzaskowski also commented on Jarosław Kaczyński’s statement, in which the PiS president attacked the film Agnieszka Holland “Green border”.

– This is an extraordinary mixture that President Kaczyński gives us, because on the one hand it is pure cynicism, on the other hand it is Gomułka in some strange clothes, some terrible complexes, misunderstanding of reality, complete detachment from reality, because that is what culture is for so that it is free and not censored – noted the mayor of Warsaw.

In his opinion, “it is a return to the worst, darkest times in Polish history.” – And I think it’s just about cynicism. And finally, what is most incredible is that these people do not even hide the fact that they have not seen this film, but this does not prevent them from making it the main element of their election campaign, because they have absolutely nothing to do with Poles and Polish women. proposals – noted Trzaskowski.

– President Kaczyński is completely disconnected from reality. He doesn’t understand the world he lives in at all. For 20 years he hasn’t left the house alone, hasn’t gone for a walk or gone to the store. He doesn’t understand anything. He is immersed in some phantasmagoria from the 19th century, he is surrounded by yes-men who are not even able to talk to him normally. He is full of venom and cynicism and will do absolutely everything to try to cling to this power, regardless of the fact that he is destroying the Polish state, trust, society, social capital and our credibility in the international arena. All this to gain, perhaps, a small percentage of the vote – summed up the guest of “Fakty po Faktach”.

Trzaskowski was asked in the program about the funding the film received from Warsaw. – There is the Masovian and Warsaw Film Fund, where various creators can apply in competitions for small funding, and this film received funding of PLN 300,000, which is a small amount. These competitions are decided by experts, he replied.

– We do not censor culture. This is PiS’s complete misunderstanding of today’s reality. This also shows how they think. They only give money to their own people. They give money for the films of their colleagues, they give away villas left and right, only foundations that are linked to PiS apparatchiks receive money, he said. – They cannot imagine that there can be an independent culture, that there can be competitions decided by experts – added Trzaskowski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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