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Monday, December 11, 2023

Parliamentary elections 2023. Robert Biedroń on the Senate pact

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It’s a good day for the opposition, announced Robert Biedroń in “One for One” on TVN24. The co-chairman of the Left informed in the program that the Senate pact is in the final phase and today we will learn its details.

Agata Adamek’s guest on Thursday was the MEP, co-chairman of the Left, Robert Biedroń, who confirmed that “today at 11 am the Senate pact will be signed.”

– Finally and finally. I think that today, unlike PiS, we can say that we are ready for the Senate elections. And it is in PiS that they are still arguing today, in PiS there are still no proposals regarding the Senate. They feel there will simply be less fines. Today we will say clearly and clearly: the democratic opposition is ready to field its candidates for the Senate, he said. “It’s a good day for the opposition,” he commented.

Biedroń admitted that at one point he was “quite critical” of the work on the pact. “I’ve seen attempts to torpedo this good idea that we proposed four years ago,” he said.

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– At 10.30 we meet as leaders, at 11 am the signing of the Senate pact. I think you will all be satisfied and have someone to vote for, he encouraged.

Robert Biedroń in “One on One”TVN24

When asked whether Ryszard Petru would be in the Senate pact, Biedroń replied that it had not been reported. – Today, maybe something will change. See you again at 10.30 – he suggested.

Main photo source: TVN24

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