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Parliamentary elections 2023. Sławomir Mentzen from Konfederacja and Ryszard Petru on one stage in Poznań. Quote from the movie “Boys Don’t Cry”

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It was not a full-scale debate, but only an exchange of opinions lasting a few minutes, but there was no shortage of emotions. In Poznań, there was a verbal fight between Sławomir Mentzen and Ryszard Petru. Both are running in Warsaw in the Sejm elections. – I brought you back to life. Thanks to the fact that I agreed to the debate, you had a chance to return to politics, said the Confederation representative to Petru.

An election rally of Confederation leaders took place in Poznań on Friday evening – Krzysztof Bosak and Sławomir Mentzen.

At one point in his speech, Mentzen invited Ryszard Petru to the stage. They both face each other in Warsaw in elections to the Sejm – Mentzen is number one on the Warsaw list of the Confederation, while Petru is starting from the last place on the Third Way list.

Mentzen did not accept the invitation to the program with Petru. “He probably doesn’t want confrontation. That means he’s abdicating.”

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– Good morning, Mr. Sławek. I don’t want to disturb you, this is your meeting, he said to the audience. – I have one question for Mr. Sławomir, because he always avoids meeting me. Are you in favor of liquidation? ZUS? – Petru asked.

– Of course, ZUS should be abolished as soon as possible. Because it is a huge financial pyramid – replied the representative of the Confederation.

In a further exchange, Petru also asked about ideas related to the abolition of public health care. – We clearly write in the program that we want to eliminate the monopoly of the National Health Fund so that various health insurers can compete with each other for customers. It’s written in black and white. “I don’t know what you can’t understand,” Mentzen replied.

Then the Confederation representative assured that he “never made any anti-Semitic statements.”

Mentzen to Petru: I brought you back to life, thanks to me you are on the list

Then he turned to his political rival, paraphrasing words from the film “Boys Don’t Cry.”

– You have a pitbull that looks like a dachshund, you flex like a leftist rhesus, you admire Mr. Kunta Kinte, you waste my friend’s path of the best powder, and finally you want to make a deal with me. After what I saw here, I don’t want to kill a fly with you, Mentzen said to Petru, quoting the film.

– We won’t debate. I brought you back to life. Because I agreed to the debate, you had a chance to return to politics. Thanks to me, you’re on the list, and instead of appreciating it, you stuck to it like Velcro to a dog’s tail. You follow me all over Poland, you talk about me in every interview, I don’t understand it at all. Get on with your life, Mentzen added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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