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Parliamentary elections 2023. Speech by President Andrzej Duda

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Our decisions will impact not only the future of our country, but also the future of our families, our children and ourselves. Let’s remember this when going to the polling station. Let’s choose wisely and responsibly, said President Andrzej Duda in his message before the parliamentary elections.

The president delivered a speech on Thursday evening. – On Sunday we will decide what Poland will look like – he said Andrzej Duda.

– Generations of Poles have fought to be able to decide for themselves about the most important matters for our homeland. Today it is our right and privilege. Therefore, participation in elections to the Sejm and Senate, the election of our representatives is so extremely important. We, the citizens of the Republic of Poland, have the power in our hands to jointly shape the policy of our homeland, he said.

He emphasized that “the vote cast in the elections is not only an expression of our beliefs and values, but also an indication of the direction in which Poland should develop.”

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– Today we have different visions of development to choose from. Our decisions will impact not only the future of our country, but also the future of our families, our children and ourselves. Let’s remember this when going to the polling station. Let’s choose wisely and responsibly, said the president.

The president about the referendum

He reminded that a nationwide referendum will also be held together with the parliamentary elections. – I strongly encourage you to express your opinion on extremely important issues regarding our security, economic and social policy. It is Poles who should decide on the most important issues for our homeland, he said.

He added that “the result of the referendum will give the government strong legitimacy to show clearly on the international forum what the will of the Polish society is on key issues, and to say a decisive ‘no’ when it is necessary, because it is the will of the Poles that must always have decisive importance in matters that concern us.”

Duda: Poland’s security is a fundamental issue

Duda said that “we live in dangerous times that pose a number of serious challenges to our homeland.”

– The last few days make us realize this again with full force. Therefore, Poland’s security is an absolutely fundamental and most important issue. Poland is passing the test in these difficult times. We showed this as a state and society after the Russian aggression on… Ukraine. We also showed this when we repelled a hybrid attack on our eastern border, the border of the European Union. We have also shown this in recent days when we efficiently evacuate our citizens from the war-torn Middle East, he said.

– We are set as an example, and other countries ask us for help in evacuating their citizens, because Poland never leaves its citizens alone. For all this, today I had the opportunity to once again thank our soldiers and officers who serve on our eastern border. Thank them and assure them of the constant support from the Polish state. Their service deserves the highest respect and recognition, he added.

President: let’s go to the elections

The president said that “today democracy in Poland is stronger than ever.” – Poles know that the future of our homeland depends on their votes – he added.

– This belief is reflected in the large participation in the elections. I have appealed for this many times and I am proud of the fact that four years ago, nearly 62 percent of eligible voters voted in the parliamentary elections – the highest number in 30 years. And three years ago, in the presidential elections, over 68 percent of those eligible, he said.

He assessed that “such turnout, such involvement of citizens gives an extremely strong mandate to conduct Polish affairs.”

– That is why I deeply believe that these will also be elections with record turnout, that we will be able to improve the results from four years ago, and that the new parliament will have a strong mandate to appoint a stable government that will well represent the interests of Poland and Poles – said Duda.

– It is important that cooperation between the president and the future government is efficient and effective – he added. As he said, “today we cannot afford quarrels, brawls and chaos.”

– Let’s go to the polls. Let’s encourage family, friends and acquaintances, regardless of whether someone lives in the countryside, in a small, medium or large city. Poland is one and the voice of every citizen is equally important, he appealed. – This is the essence of democracy. Poland is our common home and it is up to us what it will look like, concluded the president’s speech.

Main photo source: KPRP

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