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Parliamentary elections 2023. State companies and offices involved in the PiS campaign. Comments

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The Social Insurance Institution is now sending information about the 800 plus program, which will start in the new year. Candidates for the Sejm distribute checks to firefighters from money from the Justice Fund. Orlen serves a propaganda leaflet with coffee. State Treasury companies, such as PKP or the Polish Energy Group foundation, also do what they can for PiS. – This is a party’s use of public money – say opposition MPs. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

The election campaign is in its final stretch, and there is little time left to convince the unconvinced – that’s why all hands are on deck, including those in state-owned companies and offices.

Social Security (ZUS) a few days before elections sends e-mails to Poles reminding them that from January instead of… 500 plus it will be 800 plus. “The government support program for families is an investment in the future of Poles. Increased childcare benefits will continue to contribute to improving the situation of Polish families,” ZUS informs.

In Podlasie, in Tykocin, a big event: Solidarna Polska’s candidate to the Sejm came with a check for PLN 100,000. PLN for firefighters. The money comes from the Justice Fund, which he manages Zbigniew Ziobro.

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– Last week we also had the opportunity to hand over checks to the commune of Brańsk, the commune of Rutka in the Bielsko poviat – boasts Sebastian Łukaszewicz from PiS. – The Justice Fund was created so that the money that was taken from the pockets of people who do harm goes to people who do good – he adds.

The opposition criticizes the use of public money for the PiS campaign

This is a party’s use of public money, say opposition MPs. And they remind us that the Justice Fund was supposed to serve crime victims, and not be a piggy bank from which electoral sausage is financed.

– This is the same fund from which (Zbigniew) Ziobro previously purchased or allowed the purchase of CBA Pegasus – emphasizes Andrzej Rozenek from the Civic Coalition. – This is a fund that should serve victims of criminal crimes, not for current politics – he adds.

The opposition does not have such funds at its disposal. In addition, local newspapers and portals belonging to the Polska Press group, taken over by Orlen, deny them paid election advertising.

– The reason given is that it is inconsistent with the Polish raison d’état and is caused by my leftist views. I don’t know where these views could have been expressed, because the advertisement looked like it only had my photo, name, surname, name of the electoral committee and the slogan “mom, educator, social activist” – says Maja Nowak from Trzecia Droga.

State-owned companies involved in the campaign

One might think that Orlen does not want to get involved in the election campaign if it were not for the fact that the company managed by Daniel Obajtek gives away free leaflets to its customers at gas stations, containing interviews only with Law and Justice politicians.

– These interviews are written by Ms. Magdalena Ogórek, who works on the so-called public television. All this means that these elections are not equal – says Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from the Civic Coalition.

– PiS’s power reaching for public institutions that should be independent in this election campaign shows that it is so afraid of losing and is absolutely desperate – says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the New Left.

“The whole country is working to ensure that PiS has the best possible result”

On October 15, the fight will be not only for who will be in the Sejm and Senate, but also for votes in the referendum. And here is the extraordinary involvement of State Treasury companies, including: PKP or the Polish Energy Group foundation.

– The issue of the sale of national assets, i.e. opposition to the sale, concerns State Treasury companies and it is no wonder that they encourage people to take part in the referendum – explains the Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin. – From what I observe, this referendum campaign is more of a turnout campaign than a campaign suggesting how people should vote – he adds.

– There is no equality, no normality in these elections – says Krzysztof Śmiszek from the New Left. – Today, the entire country is working to ensure that PiS has the best possible result – he adds.

Main photo source: Marian Zubrzycki/PAP/EPA

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