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Parliamentary elections 2023. The election campaign has started. Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć and Jarosław Kuisz on the language of politicians

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We’ve become cynical. We see the millions rolling by. My fears are that we are starting to get used to it, said Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć, vice-president and program director of the Watchdog Polska Civic Network, in “Fakty po Faktach”. Referring to the PiS picnics, she said that “public money leaking basically for the election campaign before the campaign.” Jarosław Kuisz, editor-in-chief of “Kultura Liberalna”, said that he expected “vulgarization of the public debate” in the coming months.

On Tuesday, the President’s decision on the ordinance was published in the Journal of Laws elections parliamentary. That means officially election campaign has begun ahead of the elections scheduled for October 15.

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Jarosław Kaczyński at a meeting with votersKarol Zienkiewicz/PAP

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Kuisz: I would expect vulgarization of the public debate

Jarosław Kuisz assessed that the rhetorical offer of Polish politicians is “weak”. – We are reaching a situation where Polish parties have exhausted their rhetorical resources. Very often it is a very poor political theater – assessed the publicist. As he said, “we already see insults.” “In the coming months, I would expect a vulgarization of the public debate,” he added.

In his opinion, this “bad spectacle” consists, among other things, in the fact that “one politician calls another politician for the color of his hair.” He noted that these are highly personalized attacks.

Kuisz referred to the statement at this point Jarosław Kaczyńskithat fell during the Law and Justice family picnic in Podlasie at the end of July. Kaczynski in his speech called Donald Tusk “the true enemy of our nation.” – An enemy of our nation. It must be clearly stated in the end: this man cannot rule Poland. This man should finally go away. Let him go to his Germany, said the PiS president. – Remember this red-haired, remember, because this is the greatest threat to Poland today – he then said.

Jarosław Kaczyński on Donald Tusk: red-haired, let him go to his GermanyMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

Batko-Tołuć: the quality of public life and shame have greatly decreased

Even before the election campaign officially started, Law and Justice organized “family picnics” every weekend, during which politicians of the United Right, including Jarosław Kaczyński himself, promoted the government’s program, which will come into force in 2024. These events were financed with public money. As the members of the Civic Coalition checked, each cost about PLN 100,000.

– Public money leaking basically to the election campaign before the campaign, before the moment when it is legal, is not the only money that leaks. It saddens me that I can no longer be surprised – commented Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć, vice-president and program director of the Watchdog Polska Civic Network. – There is such a phenomenon as abuse of public funds – she added.

Batko-Tołuć was asked about the words of the current Speaker of the Sejm Elizabeth Witekwho in 2015 – then as a representative of the opposition – drew attention to the away meetings of the government of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. – The basic charge is that in our opinion there is a possibility of committing a crime by using budgetary money, i.e. government money, to conduct an election campaign – said Witek eight years ago.

– The problem is that even in the times when Marshal Witek said it, we could not fully understand what she meant, and today we understand what it is about, but we have become cynical – said Batko-Tołuć. – We see these millions rolling over. My concern is that we are getting used to it and we will stop seeing things in the future that shouldn’t be happening.”

In her opinion, “the quality of public life and shame has greatly decreased.”

Main photo source: Karol Zienkiewicz/PAP

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