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Parliamentary elections 2023. The head of the KO electoral staff about the Million Hearts March and the election campaign

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We are not on government television, but we are with the people. This is an unequal and unfair fight, but we are doing everything to reach people, said Wioletta Paprocka-Ślusarska, head of the Civic Coalition’s electoral staff, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. She commented on the Million Hearts March, which took place on the streets of Warsaw on Sunday. – I think that yesterday’s march will translate primarily into the election result – she said.

Sunday participants Million Heart Marcha demonstration initiated by the PO leader Donald Tuskgathered at the Dmowskiego roundabout, and then walked through Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets, John Paul II until the “Radosława” roundabout. According to estimates by the capital city hall, approximately one million people participated in the event.

The head of KO’s electoral staff, Wioletta Paprocka-Ślusarska, was asked on Monday in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 whether the goal set by the Civic Coalition, i.e. mobilizing and convincing people that victory is possible, had been achieved in her opinion.

– I think that yesterday’s march will translate primarily into the election result. Of course polls are also important because they motivate, allow you to conduct this campaign in this way and not another, and above all, it will translate into the election result – she said. – The people who were there yesterday, they really came out with such energy, with such emotion, showing that you can be a community, that you can be together, that you can spend a wonderful time without knowing each other, that everyone is smiling, that the police are helping with this demonstration, this march and they left Warsaw with this message. And this will certainly be the value that will carry us through when we vote on October 15, she said.

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When asked about the next points of KO’s strategy, she said that the main one would be “talks with Poles.” – Tomorrow Rafał Trzaskowski is in Lębork, on Wednesday Prime Minister Donald Tusk will be in Konin, and on Sunday there will be a large mobilizing action also for women in Łódź – said Paprocka-Ślusarska. She added that the head of PO would participate. Paprocka-Ślusarska also said that meetings between parliamentary candidates and voters take place every day.

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Paprocka-Ślusarska: it’s an unequal and unfair fight, but we do everything to reach people

– We are not on government television, but we are with the people – this is how she responded to the comment that “there is actually no” Civic Coalition on government television.

– I think this is an unequal and unfair fight. I can be offended by it and do nothing, I can organize meetings, we can organize marches, we can communicate with people via the Internet. And we do all this. We try and do everything to reach them, said the head of the Civic Coalition’s electoral staff.

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Head of KO’s electoral staff Wioletta Paprocka-ŚlusarskaTVN24

KO’s Chief of Staff: Everyone is fed up with hate speech. This stage should be closed

She was asked if the way she spoke, and also the way Tusk spoke on Sunday, without attacking too much PiSis a deliberate change of language.

– As the head of the campaign, I ran this campaign from the very beginning, it seems to me that it was really valuable, so that everyone could find their way there – she said. She added that “I would like to learn from people, what they say, what they want and talk about their dreams and make these dreams come true.”

– It seems to me that the language proposed by me and the Civic Coalition staff really contained a lot of warmth and goodness. Of course, this may be the case in recent days, but it is also because everyone is fed up with the language of hate in politics. This is simply a stage that should come to an end and in which Poles should be able to talk to each other again, said Paprocka-Ślusarska.

She emphasized that “every topic can be talked about in a normal way, without great emotions and in a simple way, so that the recipient can understand us.”

– There were both positive and negative slogans at yesterday’s march, but they were expressed in a calm manner – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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