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Parliamentary elections 2023. “There has never been such a turnout before. Bravo, young people! Bravo, women! Bravo, Poles!”

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Actress Aleksandra Popławska, who encourages people to take part in the elections as part of the “Don’t sleep or they will outvote you” campaign, now writes on social media: “There has never been such a turnout before. Bravo, young people! Bravo, women! Bravo, Poles! 72.9 percent!!!! !!”. “Let’s be proud today,” rejoices Dawid Podsiadło. Many famous people were involved in turnout prevention activities, and today they summarize the effects.

In their posts after the end of the election silence, the stars referred to the results of the exit poll. According to its results, the democratic opposition gained a majority in the Sejm. Famous people also commented on the turnout. As estimates indicate, it amounted to 72.9 percent and was the highest in the history of the Third Polish Republic.

“Bravo, young people! Bravo, women! Bravo, Poles!” Stars about attendance

“Dear Poles. Congratulations on the turnout. Let us be proud of the crowd that showed up to vote today,” wrote Dawid Podsiadło on Monday morning. Several hours later, the musician also shared a short video on social media. – Let me say two more words about the turnout, because it is a huge success for all of us – he began the recording. – I talked a lot about going to the polls – both here (on Instagram – ed.) and at concerts. So now I would like to give you the same proportion of thanks – he added, citing data on the number of people who decided to vote in the elections. – Just congratulations, congratulations to all of us – concluded the singer.

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Dawid Podsiadło on voter turnout Instagram/@dylanwishop

“There has never been such a turnout before. Bravo young people! Bravo women! Bravo Poles! 72.9 percent!!!!!” – wrote actress Aleksandra Popławska, who encouraged to participate in the elections as part of the “Don’t sleep or you will be voted out” campaign.

Aleksandra Popławska on voter turnout Instagram/@aleksandrapoplawska

Paweł Deląg commented on the results in a similar tone. “Thank you, my dears! Stunning turnout 😉 Democracy wins! Thank you,” the actor wrote on his social media.

“Beautiful mobilization,” said Barbara Kurdej-Szatan. Other stars also expressed their appreciation for the record voter turnout, including Agnieszka Dygant, Małgorzata Socha, Maja Ostaszewska and Julia Wieniawa.

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Famous people comment on the election results

Many famous people also commented on the election results. “The first victory has already arrived, now we need patience for the rest to return to normal,” wrote Michał Piróg on Instagram.

“I see some hope,” said Marcin Prokop in an entry published on the night from Sunday to Monday.

Beata Kozidrak also commented on the poll results of the elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland. “For the sake of my children, grandchildren, fans – thank you,” wrote the singer.

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Borys Szyc also spoke on the matter. On Monday morning, the actor posted a video on Instagram in which he asked his followers with a beaming voice “how did they get up?” – It makes me want to sing – he admitted later, and then started humming.

Matylda Damięcka also shared a post regarding the parliamentary elections on social media. The graphic designer and actress, who comes from a famous acting family, presented her own interpretations of the eight-star symbol on three graphics – “KOHOM WAS”, “SZANO WAC” and “SUFFICIENTLY”.

Graphic designer Andrzej Milewski, known as Andrzej Rysuje, recalled his older drawing from October 2019.

“A big bow to those who are still standing in lines to vote. You are hope and the most beautiful example of patriotism. We kiss you in our hearts,” wrote writer Katarzyna Grochola on Sunday night. Together with her husband Stanisław Bartosik, she recorded a short video of thanks. – It doesn’t matter who you vote for. You showed such a beautiful face of patriotism that I have to post it on Instagram – added the best-selling author.

“This turnout proves our sensitivity and imagination… about our love for our loved ones… I was moved ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote on Magda Gessler on her profile followed by 1.2 million people. We also know what the star restaurateur has prepared for the election evening “Kitchen revolutiontion” and MasterChef juror. As her son Tadeusz revealed, it was an “autumn masterpiece” – puffs stuffed with chestnut semifredo and cream with plums stewed in butter. “Similar emotions as when devouring the puffs accompanied us at 9 p.m.”

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