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Parliamentary elections 2023 – Third Way: PSL and Poland 2050 together. Szymon Hołownia: we have completed electoral lists

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We are going the third way to these elections together with our coalition partner, PSL, and we are ready to fully meet all our obligations, said the leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia. – This means that we are going to the elections as a coalition election committee, i.e. with the threshold of eight percent – he added.

“We have the lists complete,” he said Simon Holownia at the Monday press conference in Warsaw after the end of a special meeting of the National Board of the Party and the Parliamentary Group Poland 2050. – I want to make it clear and I want it to sound: we are going the third way to these elections together with our coalition partner, PSLand we are ready to fully fulfill all the obligations that we jointly undertook by signing the coalition agreement in the form we signed it a few months ago, he declared.

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– This means that we are going to the elections as a coalition election committee, i.e. with the threshold of eight percent – he stressed. He expressed his conviction that this committee would significantly exceed the electoral threshold.

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Hołownia stressed that the electoral lists will include “experts, experts, people who know perfectly well what it means to be an entrepreneur in Poland, what it means to perform a profession of public trust.” “We will finally be able to elect people like us,” he said.

He added that his formation is “optimistic” when it comes to the prospects for financing the campaign, and that the fundraiser for preparing the party for the elections has “accelerated” and there are more and more donations for it.

Simon HolowniaTVN24

Hołownia indicates who will not be on the Third Way lists

Hołownia also emphasized that Poland 2050 intends to adhere to the principles previously agreed by both parties in negotiations with PSL, including concerning “extending the structures of the Third Way with new names”.

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The leader of Poland 2050 pointed out that the lists of the Third Way cannot and will not include people who have actively supported the government of the United Right in recent months and years, as well as those who have spoken out against the so-called lex Kamilekfighting against violence against Polish children, and voted against it at the last session of the Sejm.

On the lists of the Third Way, as he announced, there will also be no place for Agrounia activists or for those whom – as he said – it is not known how they will behave in the future, because “the environments they belong to raise many questions and doubts”.

– We must tell the voters very clearly and clearly today that the Third Way, being a project of an absolutely new policy, must also give voters a guarantee that it will not introduce people to the Sejm who will be able to become pillars of the future government PIS with the coalition partners he will acquire. It is not about who will and who will not enter the Sejm, but how he will behave at its first sitting, when (Jaroslaw Kaczynski he will assemble, buying people mercantilely, trying to make various “deals” in the style of totally old politics, how this or that MP will behave then – said Hołownia.

When are the elections? Hołownia: on the date that Kaczyński has in mind

Hołownia was asked, among others, about when he thinks the parliamentary elections will be held. In this context, people were asked to comment on the recent words of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński that “elections will be held on time”.

Kaczyński: the elections will be held on timeTVN24

– On the date that Kaczyński has in mind – said Hołownia. – Kaczyński is in fact, unfortunately, a usurper, the owner of a large part of the Republic of Poland and whatever he comes up with, he will try to implement. The question is will we let him. I have the impression that if in pollswhich have become a certain important point of reference between the elections for politicians, Poles will make it clear to him that they cannot imagine such an attack on democracy as messing with the date of the elections, then Kaczyński will step back – added the leader of Poland 2050.

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