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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Parliamentary elections 2023. Turnout in Warsaw. How did the districts vote?

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According to partial data provided by the National Electoral Commission, turnout in the parliamentary elections in Warsaw was 84.83 percent. This is over 10 percentage points higher than the national turnout. What did the numbers look like broken down into individual districts?

“Record turnout throughout Poland, but I don’t think anyone expected what happened in Warsaw. The commissions are still counting the votes, but one thing is already certain – we have beaten 80% of the turnout,” the president wrote on Monday afternoon on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski.

– We all hoped that we would wake up in a new Poland. And that’s exactly what happened. The turnout was simply stunning throughout Poland, but truly unbelievable in Warsaw. I wanted to thank you for showing up at the polls so that democracy could win. Some people really stood until the night to vote – said Trzaskowski in the recording attached to the entry.

– A big thank you also to those who counted the votes, who worked in electoral commissions, and all those who observed the electoral process so that democracy could win – added the president of the capital.

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The highest attendance in Ursynów

According to data published by the National Electoral Commission from 527 voting districts (65.47%). turnout was 84.78 percent. Among districts, residents are most involved in elections Ursynowawhere the turnout was 89.23 percent IN Wilanów voted 88.9 percent entitled to vote. The podium closes Białołęka with attendance at the level 88.18 percent.

The next places were taken by: Włochy – 87.19 percent, Bemowo – 87.09 percent, Żoliborz – 86.99 percent, Wawer – 86.61 percent, Bielany – 85 percent, Rembertów – 84.82 percent ., Praga Południe – 84.11 percent, Mokotów – 83.82 percent, Ochota – 83.43 percent, Wola – 82.6 percent, Śródmieście – 81.15 percent, Targówek – 80.22 percent.

Praga Północ did not exceed 80 percent

The only district that did not exceed the 80 percent turnout threshold was Praga Północ with a result of 78.27 percent.

Before 7 p.m. there was no data on attendance in Ursus and Wesoła yet.

In the previous parliamentary elections in 2019 in Warsaw, the turnout was 77.07 percent. Across the country, 61.74 percent of those entitled to vote went to the polls.

Main photo source: NEC

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