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Parliamentary elections 2023. Who received the least votes in the elections

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Only nine votes – that’s how many votes were won by two candidates for MPs who ran in Sunday’s Sejm elections from the Normalny Country electoral committee list. Among the candidates of the parties that were in the Sejm, the representative of the Confederation achieved the worst result.

From the review Sunday’s election results The website of the National Electoral Commission shows that the fewest votes among all candidates for MPs were obtained by two men running from the Normal Country committee’s list: Daniel Tekień, a paramedic from Monieki, and Klaudiusz Gugnacki, a cutting machine operator from the Górszczyzna region. Both were listed on the ballots in district 18, i.e. in Masovia (garwoliński, łosicki, makowski, miński, ostrołęka, ostrowski, pułtuski, siedlce, sokołowski, węgrowski, wyszkowski poviats). Nine people each decided to vote for them. The National Electoral Commission’s website shows that they were the only candidates in Poland with a single-digit result.

Slightly more people voted for the weakest candidate of the Ruch Repair Poland Committee – 12 voters. Several of his colleagues from the committee received a dozen or so votes. 17 people each voted for two candidates of the Prosperity and Peace Movement for Radom district 17.

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Elections 2023. The weakest in the parties that are in the Sejm

The National Electoral Commission published on Monday data from 100 percent of voting precincts. According to these results, five parties got into the Sejm. Law and Justice won 35.38 percent of the votes, Civic Coalition – 30.70 percent, Third Road – 14.40 percent, New Left – 8.61 percent, and Confederation – 7.16 percent of the votes.

Among the candidates from these groups, the least – 31 votes – received entrepreneur Marcin Praczyk, running from the Confederation list in the 19th district, i.e. Warsaw. Exactly 50 voters in Sunday’s elections supported Władysław Skonecki, an electrical engineer from Lublin, who was on the list of the New Left in the Lublin district 6.

In the category of the best result obtained by the weakest candidate from a given party, Law and Justice would defeat the Civic Coalition. Joanna Wargin-Torchała, a political scientist from Mielno, running on the PiS list in Poznań district 39, received 138 votes. Meanwhile, two would-be MPs from the KO lists – economist Halina Mańko from Tulmlin-Osowa and Krystian Wodzielak, a student from Białystok – received 103 voters each. Mańko competed in the entire province. Świętokrzyskie district 33, Wodzielak – in district 24 covering the entire Podlasie region.

All the above-mentioned candidates fell far short of receiving a parliamentary mandate. The smallest number of votes that won him in Sunday’s elections was 3,482. This was the result achieved by Barbara Okuła from Trzecia Droga. We have prepared a list of 10 MPs who got into the Sejm with the poorest results.

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