Parliamentary elections 2023. “Women have shown that they want to decide for themselves what their lives will look like”


In the last parliamentary elections, women voted more willingly than men. A record-breaking, almost 75 percent of women eligible to vote went to the polls. – Women have shown that they want to be active, that they want to decide for themselves what their lives will look like – emphasizes Zofia Sanejko from the Głos Kobiet initiative. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

Over the last few weeks, women have been paying attention to what their lives might look like when someone decides for them, and how important it is to go to… elections. Effect? Almost three quarters of women went to cast their votes.

– We are overjoyed that our hard work, all our efforts, all our turnout promotion campaigns have been so successful. Well, because we have an absolute record of records – says Magdalena Sobkowiak, president of the Women in the Center, Women for Elections association, about the turnout in the parliamentary elections! WITH survey Late poll showed that as many as 74.7% took part. women eligible to vote.

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“The government can only retreat before the vote cast in the ballot box”

Many voters now expect that the democratic opposition will take power in the country. – Everything that has happened in recent years has shown that the authorities do not retreat from the voice of women in the streets, from hundreds of thousands of women on the streets, that the authorities can only retreat from the vote cast in the ballot box – says Magdalena Boczarska, actress.

– Women have shown that the values ​​that are important to them, that their lives are important to them and that they want to be active, that they want to decide for themselves what their lives will look like – says Zofia Sanejko from the Głos Women initiative.

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Now women are appealing to the president Andrzej Dudaso that it does not prolong the transfer of power into new hands. He is the one who convenes the first session of the new Sejm and – in the next steps – he designates the candidate for prime minister.

– When I hear today that this government may be formed in a few months, I immediately count how many women will be harmed as a result – says Olga Legosz from the SPS Foundation and the “I support women’s success” campaign.

According to the women, delaying the formation of a new government is unnecessary. – Now, if he really reached out to the opposition and behaved like a real president of all Poles, not just some, I think he would get a “like” from all of us. I guess this should be done out of simple honesty and decency – says singer Majka Jeżowska.

Magdalena Sobkowiak echoes her: – There is no point in the country being in such a moment of suspension. I think there are great hopes for what will happen now, after this change, he says. At the same time, she assures that women will also keep an eye on this new coalition and, if necessary, hold them accountable.

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