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Parliamentary elections in 2023. Donald Tusk: PiS is not only expensive, PiS is also poison

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When I say today that PiS is not only expensive, PiS is also poison, I do not throw words to the wind. Every day, every month of their power is a growing threat to our security – said Donald Tusk in Ostróda, commenting, among other things, on the recent reports on illegal dumps of toxic substances in Poland. The leader of the Civic Platform also referred to the issue of defense. – Macierewicz with his destructive activity in security was the beginning – he noted.

During the meeting in Ostróda Donald Tusk referred to, among other things arrangements on Nitro-Chemthe largest producer of TNT in FOR THIS. – Tons of the most poisonous, most dangerous waste from the production of TNT, including the so-called red waters, were exported from this factory – said Tusk.

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“It’s been sent to various places, so far we don’t really know where. In Mysłowice, Mr. (Jacek) Dekora, the minister responsible for these things, announced that a certain part that was stored in this city was disposed of for 90 million zlotys. You paid, because it was from state institutions, PLN 90 million for the disposal of this waste from this factory, which was run by a friend of these people – he said.

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– You know what turned out? That there was no disposal at all. That this poisonous waste has disappeared, but has not been utilised, but tens of millions of zlotys have been spent. They are doing dirty business in a matter that concerns the health and lives of our children, thousands of people, Tusk said.

Donald Tusk in Ostróda

He noted that “this is not a joke”. – When I say today that PiS is not only expensive, PiS is also poison, I do not throw words to the wind. Every day, every month of their power is a growing threat to our security, a growing threat to the thinner wallets of Polish families, a growing threat to our women and children, a growing threat to our natural environment – he noted.

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Tusk: I have lived to see the moment when Morawiecki is useful

The head of PO also referred to the Prime Minister’s film published on Twitter on Thursday Mateusz Morawiecki. The head of the government assessed that Tusk’s meeting was “an excellent opportunity to explain and apologize for the liquidation of the military unit in Ostróda”.

– (The Prime Minister) changed into this uniform to pretend to be a soldier, this khaki t-shirt, made a threatening face and said that we should apologize for something that the author of voting for a certain bill was Jaroslaw Kaczynski. This is not the first time that Mr. Mateusz is wrong: he would like to spice up his former boss very much, and each time he comes out differently and each time he beats the current boss – Tusk said.

He reminded that Morawiecki used to be his adviser, although he was not “particularly useful and effective” at the time. – But I have lived to see the moment when it is useful and effective. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t hit the fence with a bullet. Prime Minister, you hear, we all want more of your videos, it will also bring us closer to the moment when we will look at the election results with satisfaction – he added.

The head of the PO accused the prime minister of lying about Ostróda and whose decision led to the dissolution of the Driver Training Center in Ostróda. – Jarosław Kaczyński voted for this zealously back in 2001 – he added.

Tusk also stated that it was in Ostróda that PiS showed its true face – when it comes to Poland’s defense and security. – It was here, at the arms trade fair, that Mr. (Antoni – ed.) Macierewicz and Mr. (Bartłomiej – ed.) Misiewicz paid several million zlotys for a stand worth 200,000 zlotys – he recalled. – This was the beginning of this great lie about Poland’s security – he added.

Tusk: Macierewicz with his destructive activities was the beginning

According to the PO leader, in the coming weeks PiS will constantly talk about security and threaten with the possibility of an armed conflict. – They really have this idea in their heads that if it turns out – and it’s almost obvious – that they may lose the election, then in my opinion they will even be ready to use security issues, threats due to the war and events and activities in Belarus to block democratic procedures in Poland, Tusk said.

He also accused the rulers that today we do not have combat helicopters and other modern weapons, because they blocked the contracts prepared by the PO-PSL government. – It was Macierewicz, together with the Misiewiczes and such PiS activists, who did everything to de facto Polish army disarm, not arm,” he added.

– Macierewicz with his destructive activity in security was the beginning. The real finale of their incompetence, lack of responsibility, corrupt and lying behavior was the famous rocket that fell, which they could not find, because they did not look for it at all, because Kaczyński believed that it could harm them. And when it came out, when a random person found a Russian missile, the only idea that Minister Błaszczak had was to accuse God of guilty generals, people in real uniforms, not dressed in greenish t-shirts and costumes, a’la Błaszczak or Morawiecki – Tusk said.

The leader of PO assessed that the rulers in the most important matters for Poland lie shamelessly, and this lie is to “blur things extremely dangerous for all Poles and the security of our homeland: their dramatic incompetence, corruption and readiness for any villainy and lies just to cover these dirty things.”

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