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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Parliamentary elections in 2023. Michał Kołodziejczak and Mirosław Suchoń on opposition electoral lists

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The election agreements were discussed in “Tak jest” on TVN24, the leader of Agrounia Michał Kołodziejczak and the MP of Poland 2050 Mirosław Suchoń. – Today the question is whether you love Poland so much as to fight for it in every possible way. I had a big dilemma what to do, but when I answer this question, I know that today there is no other way – said Kołodziejczak. Suchoń, in turn, mentioning the Third Way talks with Agrounia, said that the groups have “very serious doubts” about this.

On Wednesday morning, politicians of the Civic Coalition unveiled their cards, presenting the names of people who will take part in the election competition. Among others, they will start Ombudsman Adam Bodnar, leader of Agrounia Michał Kołodziejczak, former ski jumping coach Apoloniusz Tajner, former member of Poland 2050 Hanna Gill-Piątek and popularizer of history and TV star Bogusław Wołoszański.

Michał Kołodziejczak and MP Mirosław Suchoń talked about today’s announcements in the Wednesday edition of “Tak jest” on TVN24.

Kołodziejczak: today there is a lot at stake

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Kołodziejczak, pointing out that his presence on the KO lists is a marriage not for love but for reason, replied: – It’s about love, but for Poland.

– Today it is a question of whether you love Poland so much as to fight for it in every possible way. I had a big dilemma what to do, but when I answer this question, I know that today there is no other way – he said on TVN24.

The leader of Agrounia stated that he would like to close the topic of talks with the Third Way, i.e. the PSL and Poland 2050 electoral coalition. – It’s a bit different when someone invites you to talk to him and then says that someone wanted to come there. This is not fair, he said.

He did not answer the question whether he received an offer from the PO or sought it. “Today it’s totally unimportant because you don’t judge the technique of the winners,” he said. At the same time, he explained that he was talking about a “common victory” and a “victory of great common sense”.

– There’s a lot at stake today. See what happened to agriculture in Poland – he said, addressing the host of the programme. This will soon happen to other sectors of the economy. I can see it, he said.

Kołodziejczak: today the question is whether you love Poland so much as to fight for it in every possible wayTVN24

Kołodziejczak, when asked how many people from Agrounia will be on the KO lists, replied that today it is known that it will be “about ten people”. “We’re working out the details,” he said.

– I think that these will be very valuable people who will contribute a lot, who will fight to be in the Sejm. One of the candidates is the grandson of the first (vice) Speaker of the Senate (Józef) Ślisz from Podkarpacie. These are not random people, as we were told earlier that someone would “run away” somewhere – he described.

Kołodziejczak denied that he had reproaches against the politicians of Poland 2050. – I wish you good luck, a good result, may it be successful – he said.

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Michał Kołodziejczak and Mirosław Suchoń were the guests of “Tak jest”TVN24

Suchoń: we have very serious doubts about Agrounia

Suchoń assessed that the lack of an election agreement between Agrounia and the Third Way was “a very good decision”. – We have diversity in the opposition and that’s good. Today we have an alliance between the Civic Platform and Agrounia, which is very exotic – he commented.

– We have a very good alliance with the Polish People’s Party. Let me remind you that we started not with a conversation about who starts where, but with a specific conversation about specific issues of citizens, we created a common list of issues. And I think it was a very good start to the discussion that led us to where we are now, i.e. the Third Way Election Committee. And this election committee is also there to show how important diversity is in Poland, he said.

The deputy recalled that he was from the Silesian Voivodeship. – We have beautiful Silesia, wonderful Zagłębie, wonderful Podbeskidzie, Częstochowa Land. We are very different. We can also differ on the opposition, but today it must be said clearly that we have very serious doubts about Agrounia. If we want to close this case, let’s close it.

– Today, he takes this responsibility for Agrounia and what will happen later, personally Donald Tusk. And it’s good that you’re making this decision,’ he added.

When asked what objections Poland 2050 has to Agrounia, Suchoń replied that it was about “very serious ties with the national environment”.

– It would be very good if Mr. Chairman would be kind enough to tell you what amounts you and Mr. (Robert) Bąkiewicz, i.e. the man from ONR (National Radical Camp), transferred to each other. It would be great if you could clarify the issues related to at least what Constitutional Court did to Polish women (in connection with the decision on abortion – ed.). I would like to remind you that the chairman was then, in a way, on the side of the Tribunal. You said that the Tribunal had the right to do so – he reminded.

Suchoń: We have diversity in the opposition and that's good

Suchoń: We have diversity in the opposition and that’s goodTVN24

Suchoń emphasized that “of course we have many more doubts”. But the case, as I understand it, is closed. You signed an agreement with Donald Tusk. Congratulations. This is the end of the many months of Mr. Chairman’s journey from an agreement with the Agreement, through talks with PSL, with us. It is at the end civil Platform. Everyone has their own way, he said, addressing Kołodziejczak.

We started this journey in February. We signed a joint list of issues with the Polish People’s Party, he concluded.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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